November 04, 2012

If India does not get involved in Afganhistan who else should

"If India does not get involved in Afganhistan who else should, specially when 2014 withdrawal takes place". and "In  the region India has been always re active instead of being responsive."

Surely Sir, you write in jest!

My response: Simple. Our non-nato ally Pakistan, the country we have supported and provided >twenty billions of "alms and ammunition" over the past decade. Why, over the years, haven't we asked India to take a back-seat in preference to Pakistan's wishes?  Why, haven't our stink-tanks, ex-CIA/Pentagon/Military strategists (please go read Colin Powell et al circa early 2ooo's) praised Pakistan's 'war on terror"  (Musharraf, the darling of them all) and basically held India responsible for not addressing Pakistan's core issue as the reason for continued violence in AfPak.  Did we not mandate that India provide ONLY economic, not military, assistance to Afghanistan, again in deference to Pakistan's wishes. Why, weren't the wily Indians supporting the Baluchistan movement with their zillion consulates in Afghanistan?  Why, isn't it our policy to create a "balance of power" in the South Asia region for the past sixty years.  I think a combined Islamic AfPak country will be counter balance a Hindu India, don't you think? I think, to further maintain balance between the two countries, and consistent with our sixty-year foreign policy between India and Pakistan, we MUST provide nuclear technology (just like we did to India), Drone and other technologies to the newly emerging country of AfPak.  Pardon me, even AfPak will not be acceptable to Pakistan since the "a" in the acronym Pakistan includes Afghanistan.  So, in deference to Pakistan, for whom right from the days of Eisenhower/ Dulles to Obama/Hillary we continue to accept and pander to all of Pakistan's wishes, insist that Afghanistan cease to be a country and be absorbed totally into Pakistan.  

Why then, NOW, when we are tucking out tails and leaving the region in a greater, horrible mess, asking Indians to step in and clean up the place?  Wouldn't you think that is a tad bit hypocritical? Consistent with our sixty-years of foreign policy of humoring Pakistan, I insist that Afghanistan be left to itself, India not interfere, and if Pakistan is able to assert its dominance over the region and able to implement a taliban style sharia compliant Islamic state in Afghanistan, so be it. I would even suggest that Pakistan itself, as per its Constitution article 227, be allowed to implement laws consistent with Islamic Sharia in its own country.  Parts of India are already implementing Taliban style governance and sharia laws (a college in Kanpur has mandated Islamic scarves and no cell phone policy in a college where girls students are predominantly Muslim).  In 50-100 years from now, we can, as per current Saudi led U.S. foreign policy will possibly see a Wahhabi Sunni Islamic Cliphate from Tunisia to Timor. 

So unless Indians are suicidal, with an ambivalent U.S. support to India to boot, I don't see any reason for a predominantly Hindu India to involve itself in what is essentially an inter-sectarianism, less-pious/more pious Islamic dogfight, where there are no bones for India literally!  

Reggie Sinha

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