December 13, 2012

China defence news round-up

Contributor:  Defence IQ Press 

After unveiling its first aircraft carrier, the Liaoning, in September, China has announced that it has successfully completed the landing of J-15 fighter on the vessel. Chinese television showed the fighter being brought to a halt using an arrestor hook and cables, which is a technology the Chinese had not previously demonstrated and indicates a significant moment in its growing sea power.

The Chinese also recently unveiled its range of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) for the first time at the China International Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition. Prior to this many of the models on show had never been seen in public.
China has been on somewhat of a diplomatic surge of late as it seeks to improve military relations with a number of key allies and opponents. Last month Chinese and Sri Lankan officials met to firm up relations and boost defence ties. Liang Guanglie was the first Chinese Defence Minister to visit the island.

In an attempt to allay growing fears among its neighbours and the US, China's Defence Minister Liang Guanglie has said that the country's military build-up is inevitable under the circumstances but that it is nothing to "worry" about.
"The Chinese military must develop, but there's no 'worry' or 'fear' as the outside world says," Guanglie said prior to a meeting with U.S. Navy Secretary Ray Mabus. "That's not what China is about."

The Defence Minister went on to say that China and the US should work together more and improve their longstanding frosty relationship. "We should develop the ties between us, between our two militaries, touch on some of our differences, resolve conflicting views … we should push forward the development of our two powers, and push forward the development of a new China-U.S. military relationship," he said. "Our two countries' ties are very important."

In the spirit of improving relations, US and Chinese soldiers completed a week-long disaster rescue exercise in November
"The Chinese and American militaries do have our differences, but it is my belief that it is the indispensable responsibility of the two militaries to join forces in disaster relief," said Maj. Gen. Tang Fen, director of the PLA's Mass Work Office, General Political Department.

Yet at the same time China is also reportedly seeking to increase its military ties with Russia as a direct counterbalance to America's stated intention of pivoting towards Asia. "China would like to work with Russia to implement the next ten-year development programme and key areas of cooperation and maintain the continued development of both overall and military  relations," said outgoing President Hu Jintao.


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