March 17, 2012

DPRK to invite int'l observers to satellite launch

Updated: 2012-03-18 11:46

BEIJING - With international concerns growing over the planned satellite launch of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK), Pyongyang has decided to invite foreign experts to observe the launch.

The European Union (EU) on Saturday expressed its worries and called on the country to refrain from the launch plan, which would see the DPRK launch an "earth observation" satellite in April to mark the 100th birthday of late leader Kim Il Sung.

"This launch would be contrary to DPRK's international obligations, in particular under UN Security Council resolution 1874," the spokesperson of EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton said in a statement.

"It would also undermine ongoing diplomatic efforts to create an environment conducive for the resumption of the Six-Party Talks on the nuclear issue," the statement added.

Ashton calls on the DPRK to confirm as a matter of urgency that it will refrain from the proposed launch and to resume work on mutual confidence building, according to the spokesperson.

The United States, Russia, the Republic of Korea (ROK) and the United Nations have all voiced their concerns over the DPRK's move, and China has expressed hope that "parties concerned stay calm and exercise restraint and avoid escalation of tension that may lead to a more complicated situation."

The DPRK said it would use a long-range Unha-3 rocket to launch the satellite, and has insisted that its satellite launches are for peaceful and scientific purposes.
Amid mounting concerns from the international community, the DPRK's official news agency KCNA said Saturday that the country would invite international observers to monitor the launch.

The Korean Committee for Space Technology would "invite experienced foreign experts on space science and technology and journalists to visit the Sohae Satellite Launching Station, the General Satellite Control and Command Center and other places and observe its launch," the agency reported.

It also said the DPRK had informed the International Civil Aviation Organization, the International Maritime Organization, the International Telecommunication Union and others in line with international regulations and procedures.

Meanwhile, the KCNA said the DPRK people believe that the upcoming launch will be a success after the successful launches in 1998 and 2009."There is no doubt that the forthcoming satellite launch will be successful as it was manufactured entirely with domestic technology," the KCNA quoted Kim Sun Hui, a mechanical engineering professor at Pyongyang University, as saying.

"The previous successful launch of two experimental satellites had led to solid material and technological foundations for the upcoming launch and its normal operation," he added.However, some countries including the ROK, Russia and the United States said the DPRK's 2009 launch of a communications satellite was a failure.

Russia May Let NATO Use Airfield as Afghan Hub

Published: March 14, 2012 NYT

MOSCOW — The Kremlin expressed willingness on Wednesday to allow NATO to use an airfield in the heart of European Russia, in a city best known as Lenin’s birthplace, as a transit center for moving troops and “nonlethal” cargo into Afghanistan.

The decision, which requires formal approval by the Russian government, would provide a much-needed logistics hub at a time when overland supply routes through Pakistan have been closed off. But it would also increase American and NATO dependence on Russia amid serious foreign policy disagreements between Washington and Moscow, particularly over Syria.

Use of the airfield, on the banks of the Volga River in Ulyanovsk, stands to increase Russia’s leverage at a time when the White House is thinking about speeding up its withdrawal from Afghanistan — a move Russia opposes.

Russia’s foreign minister, Sergey V. Lavrov, while voicing support for granting NATO access to the airfield, said Wednesday that the Kremlin opposed a swift exit of troops from Afghanistan because of concerns about security, including drug trafficking.

“This coalition should ensure the ability of the people of Afghanistan to defend their country and maintain an acceptable level of security before leaving there,” he told Parliament. He also called on American and NATO forces to destroy poppy crops in Afghanistan to fight the opium trafficking that has led to rising drug use and H.I.V. rates in Russia.

Pentagon officials are scrambling to reopen the overland routes through Pakistan that were shut down by the Pakistani government in November in retaliation for NATO airstrikes that killed 24 Pakistani soldiers.

Since then, NATO has relied largely on the “northern distribution network” — overland routes beginning at ports in Latvia or Georgia that require the cooperation of Russia and several Central Asian nations. With the focus at the White House and the Pentagon shifting from resupplying troops in Afghanistan to getting troops and equipment out, new efforts have been under way to turn the northern distribution network into a two-way conduit.

Gen. William M. Fraser III, the commander of the United States Transportation Command, told the Senate Armed Services Committee last month that securing agreements in Central Asia to allow shipments out of Afghanistan was among his top priorities.
“We now have a two-way approval to move equipment back out of Afghanistan,” he said, “through Tajikistan, Kurdistan and Kazakhstan. Also, Russia has approved this and Uzbekistan recently approved this.” He said that the agreement covered “nonlethal” supplies and “wheeled-armor vehicles.”

The volume of cargo moving through Russia is providing Russian freight companies with more than $1 billion a year in business, according to some estimates.

But experts have long warned that Russia’s interest in cooperating with NATO is geopolitical as well as financial. “In an ideal world, I would like to be less dependent on Russia,” said Andrew C. Kuchins, a Russia expert at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington. “But what are our options with getting things into or out of Afghanistan? It’s a pretty formidable challenge.”
He said that while Russia was unlikely to be able to dictate the terms of NATO’s withdrawal from Afghanistan, it would use its position to reassert “a greater hegemonic role” in Eurasia.

President-elect Vladimir V. Putin has long indicated that he believes that Russia should have a greater role on the world stage.

Mr. Kuchins also said that Moscow was likely to continue to raise concerns about an early withdrawal given that Afghanistan had long posed risks for Russia’s security. “It is still unclear what we are going to leave behind there,” he said.

Oana Lungescu, a spokeswoman for NATO headquarters in Brussels, said the relationship with Moscow was mutually beneficial. “Russian cooperating on transiting equipment to and from Afghanistan has never been a problem, because stability in Afghanistan is in both of our interests,” Ms. Lungescu said.

In addition to the overland freight routes, Moscow now allows the United States to fly troops into Afghanistan through Russian airspace. The Kremlin offered that assistance even before Washington requested it.

But while the American military has become increasingly dependent on the northern distribution network, tensions have flared between Russia and the United States on numerous issues, particularly Syria.
Russia has blocked efforts by the United States and other nations to intervene in a way that could lead to the ouster of President Bashar al-Assad, who is an old ally and a major purchaser of Russian-manufactured weapons.

Russia also has strong objections to Washington’s plans for Europe-based missile defense system.

A senior NATO official said Russia had not formally approved use of the airfield and that it was too soon to say much about it. Yet there were indications that Russia’s overture was coinciding with renewed willingness by the Pakistani government to allow overland shipments — though at a much steeper financial cost than before.
In his Senate testimony, General Fraser said withdrawal from Afghanistan would be impossible without reopening the Pakistani routes, which are dangerous even under the best circumstances.
As for withdrawal in general, General Fraser said, “It’s a daunting task. I will admit that.”
Eric Schmitt contributed reporting from Washington.

Enormous “Oil Kitchen” Discovered in Energy’s Last Great Frontier...

* Drilling set to begin by the end of 2012.

Dear reader,

I’m writing today with some urgent news on a massive oil find off the coast of South West Africa.

If the idea sounds familiar, it’s because I first covered the story of this discovery nearly two years back. In fact, you may reading a similar presentation to this one. I explained how a tiny Canadian company had discovered a whopping billion-barrel oil find.

But recently, more news has come to light, as even more oil has been found in the same exact region.

This is the kind of opportunity that can change your life…

Where you could turn a $10,000 stake into $179,500 starting as early as today. I’ll show you proof on these numbers in a moment.

For now, know this…

Time Magazine reports that this whole area is “an oil and gas bonanza just waiting to be tapped…”

Put simply, it could be one of the biggest oil deposits in the world.

But very few people have ever heard of its existence.

Even leading oilmen in Europe, the Middle East and the U.S. have not fully explored it.


Because this monster discovery is located offshore of a little-known, underdeveloped nation... 7,267 miles away from Wall Street... 4,999 miles away from Europe... and 3,808 miles away from Saudi Arabia...

When I first broke the story two years ago, the world’s leading energy consultants estimated that there could be 2.3 billion barrels of oil in this country’s offshore “oil kitchen.” But now they’ve raised the estimate more than three fold, to 7.9 Billion barrels.

With oil prices hovering above $105 per barrel, that means the find is worth an estimated $829 billion.

How do you know this opportunity is real… and not some sort of hoax? Well, let me introduce myself.

Hello — I’m Byron King. And I’m a geologist.

I trained at Harvard back in the 70s. After graduating I worked for one of the world’s largest oil companies as an “oil recovery engineer” and a “production geologist.”

Basically, that means I thought up creative ways to get the rest of the oil out of previously tapped wells.

But for the past six years I’ve been exclusively researching and writing about the world’s best energy discoveries.

And I’ve never been more excited about this enormous “oil kitchen” discovery, just found in a place I’m sure you’ve never heard of…

In fact, before I covered the story two years ago I traveled over 6,587 miles — taking a total of six plane trips — just to see this “oil kitchen” first hand.

I call it the “oil kitchen” because it’s the cooking zone in the earth where crude oil formed over millions of years — from the remains of tiny aquatic plants and animals that lived in ancient seas.

And chances are... this oil is located in rocks that date back 10 million to 270 million years ago.

Perhaps most amazingly, one off-the-radar company owns a 90% stake in huge portions of this field!

This incredible find has placed an oil fortune of up to $829 billion in the hands of a little-known company!

That means this company... priced at under $4 per share... is sitting on oil reserves which could power the United States for more than an entire year.

With this massive “oil kitchen” discovery, this company’s stock could soar three-fold... five-fold... even 10-fold... and STILL be grossly undervalued!

And the best news is you don’t have to send your money out of the U.S. to invest in this explosive overseas opportunity… you can do it easily right through your local broker.

Once word gets out on this exploration company, it’s likely to start an absolute feeding frenzy on Wall Street.

Early investors could be poised to multiply their money… turning a small stake of $10,000 into $179,500 starting just days from now…

Make no mistake: Wall Street will not ignore this situation for long...

Very soon I believe the first drill bit will be lowered into this “oil kitchen.” Then we’ll finally have confirmation of everything I’ve been saying here. But when drill bit hits… and when the oil begins to flow… the easy money will already be made.

That gives you the rare opportunity, right now, to get in on the ground floor of a major oil discovery, before the general public has a clue. If you act fast.

Let’s get right to the details...

As you may know, some of the biggest short- and medium-term money ever made by investors has been in cutting-edge energy companies over the last 10 years.

I'm talking about gains like:

  • GeoResources 859% in 10 months
  • GeoGlobal Energy’s 1,039% in fewer than 6 months
  • Ivanhoe Energy's 1,444% in just over 5 months

Indeed, the long-term implications are staggering.

After all, the smaller the oil company — and the bigger the “oil kitchen” discovery — the larger the potential gains are for early investors.

Now, before we go any further, it’s important that you understand why 7.9 Billion Barrels Is Just the Tip of the Iceberg...

See, back in 2009 the world’s leading independent energy consultant released an estimate for this tiny Canadian company’s 90%-owned find — which I’ve code named OIL BLOCK XX13Aand…

According to this highly regarded consultant, BLOCK XX13A was on track to produce as much as 2.3 BILLION barrels of oil...

Now due to new seismic and geophysical studies, they’ve upped that estimate more than three fold… to 7.9 billion barrels!

This is the same consultant that does evaluations for the likes of Exxon Mobil and Shell.

They’re the “GOLD” standard of real oil resource estimations...

Their estimates are about as bankable as you can get.

This is great news for this firm... it gives even further validation from an independent resource that this huge discovery is on track to remove a massive 7.9 billion barrels of oil from this little-known location...

More on that in a moment...

But first, let me show you how this tiny company’s incredible BILLION DOLLAR potential is raising the eyebrows of the big oil boys...

By releasing this certified report — a form called a National Instrument 51-101 — from this leading consulting firm, this tiny company is telling that they’re in play.

These incredible numbers could attract major interest from the big oil guys... and BIG money.

This Canadian company’s discovery is a natural fit with other projects that the big oil companies — Petrobras, Chevron and Shell — are working on in this little-known region of the world.

The next step could be working out a partnership deal with one of the world's major oil and gas companies... which could bring in millions to this Oil Company’s coffers.

What’s more... this huge oil project is a perfect fit for emerging energy powerhouses — like China and India. So we could even see a bidding war for this company.

For you... it’s a win-win situation...

In the short-term, you could double, triple, even quadruple your money if this company partners up with a big oil company like Petrobras.

Or hold on a bit longer and you’re still poised for gains of 1,795%... or more... once word gets out about this tiny company’s enormous “oil kitchen”... even without a partnership or buyout.

Let me explain why nearly 18 times your money could be just the beginning…

Even if the company only makes $10 per barrel after all the costs… and even if they only recover ½ of what this oil deposit is estimated to hold…

That would give them cash flow of about $40 billion dollars.

Now divide this cash flow by the company’s market cap and you get a multiple of just under 18.

The bottom line is this... at today’s current share price of under $4... this oil company could be way under priced.

You could realistically expect to see this stock double or triple in the short term once investors discover this little-known oil powerhouse.

How did this company come across this massive oil find? That’s the secret to their success…

Let me know show you…

As you may have heard, oil is getting harder and harder to find. Competition for drilling rights is intense, and returns hard to come by. So a few years ago, this company made a bold move…

It started building a portfolio of under-explored exploration and development targets in one of the last frontiers for oil... And boy did the hard work pay off.

After years of exploration, they returned with some amazing news. If the data is correct, they have discovered a massive “oil kitchen” offshore of this little-known country... that could be worth over $829 billion.

Not in Iraq, Iran, or Saudi Arabia… Not in some Latin American dictatorship… Not in Russia… But locked underneath the Southwest African coast of NAMIBIA...

Here's a little more about the mysterious place where they've found this oil…

Namibia is a country in southwest Africa that borders the Atlantic Ocean. Here’s a chart.


It is a large nation in terms of geography. Its area is almost 319,000 square miles. That’s over 500 miles wide and 600 miles from north to south.

Namibia is not quite as large as, say, British Columbia. But it’s 25% larger than France.

There are only about 2.1 million people in Namibia, or about the same population as the city limits of Paris, or the metropolitan limits of Vancouver.

So we have a large, underdeveloped nation, with not a lot of people. Add to that the fact that Namibia is quite underdeveloped.

The flip side of that is that there’s immense opportunity there. See the blocks off the coast with the “Xs” on them? Those are the areas owned by the tiny Canadian company I’ve been telling you about. And beneath those blocks potentially sits a massive 7.9 billion barrels of oil.


And that’s why I’ve prepared this presentation for you today...

It is not an exaggeration to say this is the kind of opportunity that can change your life… where a small $10,000 investment could bring you enough profits to...

Pay off your mortgage... Put your kids through college... Buy a sports car, go on exotic vacations and eat at the fancy restaurants... Fund an early retirement...

Indeed, while Namibians sunbathe on some of the most desolate and lonely coastline in the world... As tourists follow elephants in Damaraland during their daily wanderings... there's an ocean of sweet crude oil bubbling nearby.

Over the next few minutes you'll discover more details of this explosive opportunity... But hurry, your window of opportunity is limited.

The company I first profiled two years ago has already been bought out. But for reasons I’ll explain in a moment, you now have a chance to invest in an oil owns the rights to this massive “oil kitchen” energy breakthrough … A real game changer in the industry...

A stunning new discovery of offshore oil, or deepwater crude as it’s sometimes called. And it’s all happening thousands of feet beneath the Namibian seafloor. Just five years ago, we didn’t have the technology to find or gain access to oil that deep.

Now we do. And a few bold explorers are coming across huge, untapped resources… Take, for example, the massive oil discovery off the coast of Brazil... the biggest offshore oil find in the western hemisphere — and maybe the largest field anywhere… It’s an area almost 500 miles long and 100 miles wide…

The initial well located an oil reservoir that holds 8 to 12 billion barrels of recoverable oil. It’s about the size of the giant field at Prudhoe Bay, Alaska. And estimates now put this Brazilian oil find at more than 30 billion barrels.

Now here comes the exciting part...

The leading geologist — a personal friend of mine — whose scientific work led one of the big oil guys to drill deep in Brazil’s distant offshore and discover this massive oil field... recently started his own oil company…

And his new company bought out the tiny Canadian Oil Company off the coast of Namibia who’s discovered this oil kitchen!

He’s already helped turn Brazil into an oil powerhouse.

Now he's about to do it all over again... but with new company that trades for under $4 a share!

This well respected geologist brings to the table years of experience.

He’s a 24-year veteran of one of South America’s largest oil companies. Now his new firm is a leading consulting and oil services company.

Oil companies pay him HUGE consulting fees in hopes to identify the next deep or ultra deep offshore oil deposits.

And now his new company puts him in position to uncover every last drop of oil offshore Namibia.

Why he’s so excited about Namibia?

During his extensive research of the region, he discovered that Namibia’s offshore geology is very similar to Brazil’s oil rich east coast.

At the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG) convention, he wowed the crowd with a discussion of the oil potential of Namibia... with slides and hard data to back it up.

Here, look at this chart…


The Latin American and African coasts share a common geological formation that was split apart by the South Atlantic Ocean, which separated the continents in prehistoric times.

Many experts believe that as the continents drifted apart over 135 million years ago, they took with them the crude oil that had formed over millions of years...

The red shaded area on the left is off the coast of Brazil and is the location of one of the world’s largest oil discoveries... And on the right is the area in West Africa where experts predict similar size oil deposits can be found due to its geological similarity to Brazil’s east coast.

Namibia is highlighted in orange.

According to The Wall Street Journal, companies are aiming to reproduce in West Africa the offshore success of one of Brazil’s biggest energy giants... which found massive oil deposits under a thick layer of salt off Brazil's coast.

And since this is the same geologist who was instrumental in discovering Brazil’s massive oil find... I can’t imagine a better person to lead this oil company’s exploration team in Namibia.

Remember, projections showing that the company is sitting on an “oil kitchen” worth over $829 billion.

And savvy individuals who get in early could easily double, triple… or even make up to 18 times their money as I showed you earlier.

To help you get in right away, I've written up everything you need to know in a new report called,“Oil Kitchen” Profits: How to Multiply Your Money Through This Massive Oil Discovery.

Here’s how to claim a copy…

As I told you earlier, I’m Byron King.In my entire career as a geologist and researcher, I’ve never been as excited as I am right now about the opportunities available in the last frontier of energy... Namibia.

And that’s saying a lot…

See, I’ve been a member of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists for over 30 years, and I’m former member of the Society for Mining, Metallurgy and Exploration.

I’ve discussed the topic of Peak Oil with T. Boone Pickens, the famous oil investor that Forbes named as the 328th richest person in the world.

I’ve had lunch with the U.S. Navy's admiral in charge of nuclear reactors, and talked about the future of nuclear power.

I’ve even been asked to provide advice on national energy policy by the U.S. Department of Defense.

I tell you all this not to boast or brag, but to let you know that I’m 100% serious when I say that Namibia’s is simply amazing…

This little-known country is a hot-bed of energy opportunities... still relatively unexplored and sitting on billions in energy profits.

That’s why I’m so excited to send you my oil kitchen report for FREE... just for trying my research service, called Energy & Scarcity Investor, risk-free.

The idea behind Energy & Scarcity Investor is simple — each month I seek to uncover smallest penny stock energy companies with the BIGGEST potential.

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Stocks exactly like the Oil Company that I’ve been showing you today.

Whether those stocks trade on the Amex, the Bulletin Boards, the Pink Sheets or even a foreign exchange like the TSX Venture... Energy & Scarcity Investor will scour any exchange, anywhere, to show you the best tiny, unheard-of commodity stocks.

Here’s another situation that I believe could show you substantial gains…

I’m sure you’ve seen the news that says the U.S. Social Security Trust Fund went negative in 2010.

That is, payouts exceeded income from payroll taxes. Previously, that “negative” date was supposed to be 2016.

This news is huge!

And as history dictates, gold is the “safe haven” of choice for investors when major crisis hits... and the collapse of this government retirement program certainly fits in that category. It ought to be moving the markets, and not in good ways. We’ve come to the end of an era. Call it Peak Government Entitlement. Call it anything you want.

But the financial world is about to change.

For over 45 years, the government’s managers have “loaned the surplus” (that is, more tax intake than benefit payout to recipients) to the U.S. Treasury. So the Treasury has used the entitlement funds to pay the government’s past bills. The “extra” funds are gone, spent, vaporized. They’re not in some Al Gore-style “lockbox” out there.

The financial idea was that someday, somehow, in some way or form, the Treasury side would have the resources to pay it all back.

Social Security, in truth, was always just another Ponzi scheme… but on a much larger scale than that poor little Ponzi guy ever envisioned.

Now, with the whole fund in the red, it means the U.S. Treasury has to transfer funds back over to the entitlement programs just to allow the system to send out millions of payments to oldsters every month.

The dam has cracked. Soon expect the deluge. The kicker is that the funding shortfall could immediately transform and reappear as a steady increase in the federal budget deficit.

What’s the U.S. Treasury going to do? Borrow more from the Chinese?

In the U.S., we’re another step closer to national insolvency. Once this news breaks wide, we could have the “Gold Panic” of 2012 as investors look to gold for safety.

History shows us that paper assets — the stock market — excel when people see long-term growth in the underlying economy. When the growth phase ends, usually due to bad government policies, preserving wealth becomes the big concern.

That’s when gold excels. And that’s why I’ve spent months putting together a list of all the best gold stocks.

The report is called, The Slow Death of Government Retirement Benefits... Triple Your Money as the New Gold Rush Begins.

Inside you’ll find two powerhouse gold stocks that are forecast to bring you triple- or quadruple-digit gains in the next few months as word spreads about the coming collapse of government retirement benefits...

Gold Power Play #1: This tiny gold mining small cap is sitting on a patch of desert that could yield one of the Western Hemisphere’s biggest gold finds.

The CEO is known for his incredible talent of transforming small companies into huge powerhouses... the last gold company he headed up grew from a tiny $50 million company to a market capitalization of over $10 billion during his tenure.

While he was running the show, the company’s shares achieved an annual compounded growth rate of over 31%. The bottom line is this... you could have originally bought a share for $1.62 and watch it soar to $17.90. It was an eye-popping gain of 1,004%.

Now he’s at it again. Looking for a new challenge, he took over a struggling little-known miner in the middle of nowhere...

Already, shares in this company have shot up over 57% since the beginning on the year... but that’s only the beginning. You could see quadruple digit gains as this tiny gold mining company continues its explosive growth under the watchful eye of this visionary leader...

Gold Power Play #2: About a dozen years ago, a group of Canadian and Mexican geologists and engineers got together. They were all veterans of employment with firms best-described as “Big Mining.”

For one reason or another, all of these professionals shared a desire to make a go at mining on their own. This group of earth explorers scoured the map of Mexico... looking for old plays that had been abandoned or under-worked.

And they found what they were looking for in an abandoned old mining town in central Mexico... an area pock-marked with old mines and shafts.

Their hard work has paid off... Company engineers have estimated over 900 million silver equivalent ounces in this area. That’s about $16 billion worth of just silver.

The gold, copper, zinc and lead are icing on the cake. It’s a world-class deposit, which makes it a huge potential takeover target for the larger mining companies.

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