January 26, 2013

Baloch Leader question Senator John Kerry's remarks on Pakistan

Dr.Wahid Baloch

Senator John Kerry, President Barack Obama's nominee for secretary of state, said during his confirmation hearing on Thursday that cutting US aid to Pakistan, would be a "dramatic, draconian and sledge-hammer" measure. Senator Kerry also said that Pakistan's role in leading the United States to Osama bin Laden in Abbottabad had not been sufficiently appreciated.

Baloch leaders took strong objections to remarks of Senator John Kerry for his ignorance and blindspot on Baloch issue. President of Baloch Society of North America in a letter questioned Kerry, "how much more proof do you need to declare Pakistan a terrorist state". Dr.Wahid Baloch demanded immediate end to all military aid to Pakistan

In a statement to IntelliBriefs he said  "It is very sad and disappointing to note that Senator John Kerry didn't even say a single word about the Balochistan crisis, Baloch killing, disappearances and ongoing Genocide of Bloch people, in Balochistan, but did mention about Malala and Dr.Afridi in his remarks at the hearing. How can he be so blind and ignorant to not knowing about what is happening in Balochistan, or is he under the Pakistani blackmailing and Saudi pressure to not mention Balochistan?" 
Further he mentioned that "This is not consistent with what our American values and principles are about, which teaches us to stand up against the aggressors and tyrants, defend the weak and oppressed nations and cherish freedom all over the world, becasue a threat to liberty anywhere supposed to be a threat to liberty everywhere.  Where is that true American value and justice towards Balochistan?"  

Letter below

Dear Senator John Kerry, 

Pakistan is a terrorist State and should be declared as such. Pakistan have misused our aid and build nuclear weapons, instead of feeding its hungry people. Pakistan has used our aid to conduct genocide of Baloch people, in Balochistan, the very best friends of America. It has also used our aid to train and support Taliban and Al-Qaida terrorists, who are Pakistan's strategic assets and who have killed many of our brave fine men and women in uniform in Afghanistan. Pakistan military and its ISI attacked our embassy in Kabul and they have blood on their hand of our citizens, not to mention, they hid our most wanted enemy, Mr. Bin Laden.

how much more proof do you need to declare Pakistan a terrorist state? 

why we are giving more money to Terrorist Pakistan?  

We demand an immediate end to all military aid to Pakistan. Pakistan is not our friend and ally, but an enemy and a terrorist state and must be declared as such. Instead, Baloch people, who are the best ideological friends and strategic asset to United States in the region against the Islamic extremists and terrorists, should be supported and helped. They are fighting for their independence for more than six decades against the Pakistani illegal occupation of their land and exploitations of their natural resources. It is time that we should extend an helping hand to them rather than to terrorist Pakistan.

Thank you sir.


Dr. Wahid Baloch
Baloch Society of North America (BSO-NA)
1629 K Street NW, Suit 300
Washington D.C., 20036


Manu said...

Why do you think David Headley was not extradited to India from America for his work in the 26/11 Mumbai attack.. Because he would reveal the terrorist nature of the ISI and the Pakistani Army and establishment. The fact is that the Americans have cut a deal with the Pakis to counter the Taliban post 2014 and hence they are playing the 'Paki Army is also being killed' card... in reality the taliban killing the Paki Army or vice versa is nothing but one jehadi killing another jehadi. Reuters is busy interviewing Hafiz Saeed who is the mastermind of the 26/11 attack but then the American Senators will sell their mothers for a little 'strategic depth'

Anonymous said...

Despite the facts that the Pakistan is an enemy to United States, Senator John Kerry and others want to send more money to Pakistan, because, half of that money turn arounds and come back to Senator's personal Bank account through Pakistani embassy and its hired powerful lobbyists on K street.

Anonymous said...

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