January 18, 2013


By Kumar

IS our silent PM aware of the seriousness of the ground situation as it obtains on the LoC? In the past he was quick to express concerns when am Indian was arrested on suspicion of terrorism. He is pathetic and his body language even more worse. I am forced to use such strong language, because the government is filled with nincompoops. When the COAS is warning Pak of strong retaliatory action and exhorting his field commanders not to remain passive and meet fire with fire, this bloke who heads the Foreign Ministry talks of the amount of time invested in peace efforts with Pakistan. May I ask what is the rich dividend that this country has reaped through its investments? ZERO. All we got was Kargil, Parliament Attack, bomb blasts in major cities and Mumbai 26/11. What is this government and its ministers like the FM up to? The author must be reminded that our FM is an utter failure and so was his predecessor - remember Sharm el-Sheikh. So let us not give too much credit to the FM and his ministry.

It is true that our men and officers both in service and those who have been martyred and retired are a neglected lot. Full credit to you for highlighting it.


Pete said...

Well said Kumar.

Indian government ministers should not be sending out mixed signals. This is no doubt seen as a sign of weakness by Pakistan and Pakistan's terrorists.

Kumar said...

Thanks Pete

Pak establishment takes advantage of such statements and knee jerk reactions from the Indian establishment.