January 18, 2013

Former CIA officer and Brookings Institution fellow Bruce Riedel explains the politics of Pakistan.

As protests escalate in Pakistan before the spring elections, former CIA officer and 
Brookings Institution fellow Bruce Riedel offers a glimpse into the country's complex 
political process.

The Fold/ The Washington Post.

First Pakistani military and it's ISI tried Mr. Imran Khan, the cricketer, to stage the drama for the military take over against Zardari's elected civilian Government, but when he failed, they have now imported this Cleric from Canada to do the job. They think they can fool the world by saying look,  he is a moderate and is against Taliban and Al-Qaida, Bla Bla Bla, so that the west accept him, or  they  just to use him as a scare tactic to tell the west that look, if the green light is not given to the military for a coup, then these extremists will take over the country and get the nuclear weapons in their hand Bla Bla Bla.. In either case military is trying very hard to create situations that help them to bring down Zadari's Government and take over. All these explosions and suicide bombing that is happening in Pakistan are a part of this ISI game, to make Zardari's Government fail and look bad in the eyes of world as incompetent and to pave the way for another military coup.  This is the first time that military have waited for too long to take over. They are getting very itchy and impatient with Zardari and the civilian rule. They do not want the elections to happen and another civilian Government can take place for another 4 more years... !!!  : )

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