January 07, 2013

GHHF strongly condemns Akbaruddin Owaisi of MIM and the State Government

Global Hindu Heritage Foundation (GHHF) strongly condemns Mr. Akbaruddin Owaisi, MIM (Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen) MLA for his hateful, repulsive and detestable tirades against all Hindus and against Bharath Mata, at the meetings held at Nizamabad and Nirmal. His vicious speech ridiculing the number of Gods and Goddesses of Hindus; his obnoxious comments on Gomata which is considered sacred by all Hindus; his venomous statement to remove the Bhagya Lakshmi Temple from the premises of Charminar in the old city; his contempt for the number of festivals Hindus conduct; and his virulent maniac declaration to hang Narendra Modi if he comes to Hyderabad should be condemned, denounced and censured.  He even made a blood thirsty pronouncement that "We are 25 crores, you are 100 crores. Remove the police for 15 minutes and we will show you who has more courage and strength … Today, I have this mike in front of me. If tomorrow I hold something else, then there will be so much of bloodshed in this country which this country has not seen in the last 1000 years." Hindus were shocked and stunned to hear an elected MLA, who had taken the oath to abide by the Constitutions of India, defy the very constitution he was to uphold.
            Although cases have been registered in two different locations under Sections 153, 153(A) and 295(A) of the Indian Penal Code against the MIM leader for instigating communal sentiments, denigrating the Hindu customs and traditions and fomenting religious warfare, Mr. Owaisi should be arrested forthwith and put in jail. He should serve jail time for each of the offensive statements – approximately ten of them. Second, Election Commissioner should immediately ban the MIM party. Third, Mr. Owaisi should be banned from making any political and religious statements that provoke communal violence and terrorist activities.
            GHHF also strongly condemns the state government for it's total failure in enforcing the law. Vote bank politics, minority appeasement and desire for amassment of wealth have totally ignored the crimes, failed miserably in the enforcement of law and justice, and even encouraged the law enforcement agencies to ignore the prosecutions. Government and Police departments even conspired to engage in dereliction of their lawful responsibilities.  There is no enforcement of law, no protection to the citizens, and no accountability for their dereliction of duties.  State is fueling civil unrest.
            Few examples of the government's failure are worth mentioning.

1) Why did not the state government take action against Mr. Owaisi when he threatened and attacked Talisman Nareen, Bangladeshi Writer, in front of the media in Hyderabad in 2007?

2) Why the government failed to take action against the MIM MLAs who attacked junior doctors in Niloufeur Hospital in 2007?

3) Why the state government failed to take action against MIM MLA who threatened Municipal Officer in Abids and fired the gun into the air?

4) Why did the state government not take action against Mr. Asadudhin Owaisi who dared the former DGP, Mr. A K Mohanty, to come out with no uniform so that "he would show him."
            State is equally responsible for encouraging the religious bigots to thrive with no fear of facing the justice system and for it's continued compromises disregarding the security of the people. This kind of state government's neglect of it's lawful responsibility creates distrust, communal strife, religious disharmony, moral breakdown, civil disobedience, and social unrest. No civilization will survive, if there is a complete breakdown of enforcement of law and justice systems.
            GHHF strongly condemns the provocative statement of Mr. Owaisi and demand the state government to arrest him forth with. Government should make every effort to see that the sanity prevails over insanity, national integrity over narrow bigoted parochialism, politeness over impoliteness, mutual respect over intolerance, love over hatred and 'let live' philosophy over 'kill, kill mindset.' Similarly, GHHF strongly condemns all the politicians who are supposed to be guardians of the state and demand them to make the law enforcement fair, efficient and free from corruption before the breakdown of social fabric.

GHHF Executive Committee 
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Anonymous said...

On one the one hand Owasi says that if the police is removed he can take care of the 100 crore majority. While in his own admission when the police was removed in Gujarat the result was a painful blow to his kind. There he complains that Mr.Modi should be prosecuted for not providing protection. Mr. Owaisi stop being a joker. You are giving cheap thrills and false sense of power to a frustrated lot. Instead try to do some constructive work for the people and improve their lives.

Stop running to London and hiding behind medical reasons to evade arrest. Be a man if you claim to be one.