January 27, 2013

QUOTE OF THE DAY: On Shinde's statement

-- Kumar

Will the Hon'ble Home Minister and the External Affairs Minister (who more often than not meddles in domestic politics) and their fellow pseudo-secularists care to read what a foreign correspondent has written on the allegations of Hindu terrorism or saffron terrorism?

Mr. Shinde's statement about so-called Hindu terror has been welcomed more in Pakistan with the Jammat ud Dawa chief Hafeez Saeed among the biggest fans of the HM of this country. One does not know how many party functionaries of the ruling Congress frowned or were happy, but the bulk of Indian society who condemn terrorism of all hues are certainly enraged. Such ill-advised politically motivated statements have not only a demoralizing effect on the security forces combating terror on a daily basis in J & K and elsewhere, the statements also portray India and the government in very poor light in international fora.

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