February 04, 2013

Pakistan's occupying forces have intensified their dirty war against Baloch freedom fighters


WASHINGTON, D.C- Dr. Wahid Baloch, President of the Baloch Society of North America (BSO-NA), on Sunday strongly condemned the ongoing Pakistani military aggression and offensive against the defenseless Baloch people in Pakistani-occupied Balochistan and reiterated his call for the U.S., UN and international community to act immediately to save innocent lives.

"The situation is of dire need for international attention, action and intervention," said Dr. Baloch.

Pakistan's armed forces, the FC, empowered by the Islamabad-imposed Governor of Balochistan, have intensified their aggression, extrajudicial target killings, arrests, kidnappings, raids, arson and daily attacks against the Baloch citizens with full impunity. There passes not a single day where the FC forces do not raid and burn a Baloch house and/or kill and kidnap a Baloch citizen.

This is all being done under a media blackout so the world community is shielded from the atrocities and ground truth. The situation is getting worse by the day as the FC attempts to crush the will, aspirations and resolve of the Baloch people and their desire to FREE their homeland from the illegal occupation by Pakistan.

Here are just few examples of the aggression Pakistani forces have inflicted on the Baloch people within the recent weeks:

Dec 25 – The FC troops launched their ugly campaign against the Baloch people in Mashkey town, where they raided the house of top Baloch leader Dr. Allah Nazar to arrest him. They put the whole town under siege, closing all the entry and exit routes, leaving the inhabitants of the town with no food, water and medicine for several days. They killed more than 50 people including women and children and burned down several houses, including Dr. Allah Nazar's home and terrorized his elderly mother. The town was blockaded and under siege for several days.

Jan 14 – Governor rule was imposed in Balochistan, using the pretext of Hazara killings, an orchestrated well planned act to give FC full policing powers and control of Balochistan which allowed them to target, kill and kidnap innocent Baloch with impunity.

Jan 18 – FC troops raided several Baloch homes in Mastung, where they target-killed two Baloch and tried to justify the slayings by labeling the victims "BLA terrorists."
Jan 28 – Plain-clothed ISI agents raided a Baloch house in Lyari, Karachi and arrested four Baloch students from Panjgur (Mekran), ages 15 to 23, (Salman Baloch 15, Ejaz Baloch 21, Zahid Baloch 19, and Iftikhar Baloch 23), as a part of the ongoing crackdown of Baloch political leaders and activists. They have been taken to undisclosed locations and their whereabouts are still unknown.
Jan 29 – Seven bullet-riddled bodies were found at two places in Balochistan, dumped by Pakistan's Frontier Corps (FC) forces. Three bodies were also found in mountains located a short distance from Quetta, the capital of Balochistan. Police officials said the hands and feet of the dead men were tied with rope.

Jan 20 – Four Bugti tribesmen were killed by FC forces in Pir Koh area of Dera Bugti district, labeling them as "BRA militants". Over the past two years hundreds of bodies of "missing persons" or people detained without charge by security forces have been found across Balochistan.  Most of the dead have been members of Baloch Nationalist groups. Human Rights groups have blamed security agencies for these killings.

Jan 31 – FC troops surrounded the town of Mangocher and killed seven Baloch citizens, also labeling them as "BLA militants" as a facade.
As the FC's daily offensive and aggression continues against the innocent unarmed defenseless Baloch people, desperation and resentment is growing deeper and stronger. The Baloch are determined to free their land from the illegal occupation of Pakistan.
How long will the world community ignore the desperate cries of Baloch people? When will they be saved from Pakistan's state terrorism? These are the questions that every Baloch is asking today amidst never-ending death and misery.
"The International community must fulfill its obligation to the Baloch people and act before it is too late. The International intervention is long overdue and must be carried out without any further delay to save countless lives of innocent Baloch," said Dr. Baloch.

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