March 24, 2013

Is death calling deserted Musharraf to Pakistan?

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Mansoor Jafar
It is a million-dollar question. Why Pakistan's former military dictator, the fugitive General [retired] Pervez Musharraf, is returning from his self-imposed exile in cozy luxuries of London and Dubai?

Why is he risking arrest, sentencing and likely assassination by the Taliban who had formed death squads for him? Taliban wants to avenge killings of hundreds of thousands of Afghan civilians after he facilitated U.S.-led coalition forces reach Afghanistan through Pakistani soil for their war on terror. They also want to avenge arrests and inhuman torture of thousands of practicing Muslims, both Pakistanis and foreigners, mostly Arabs, whom he sold out to CIA and pocketed millions of dollars. He confessed to this in his autobiography titled "In the line of Fire". 

Just to save his illegal rule, he handed over 170 million Pakistanis, their territories, military bases, airspace and vast resources to the CIA, Black Water and other secret agencies hungry for Muslim blood.
Mansoor Jafar

I don't know the answer, frankly. But wonder whose assurance and support embolden the otherwise fearful Musharraf, also known in Pakistan as human trafficker and butcher, to return where he had fled five years ago fearing jail, death and forfeiture of all property and ill-gotten money.

The list of his crimes against humanity is endless. Just to save his illegal rule, he handed over 170 million Pakistanis, their territories, military bases, airspace and vast resources to the CIA, Black Water and other secret agencies hungry for Muslim blood. He allowed drone attacks on Pakistani soil, and NATO supplies through Pakistan, including the very ammunition which was used by NATO forces to attacks on Pakistan army posts and bomb blasts elsewhere inside the country.

Musharraf's legacy


He pitched the Pakistani nation against their own army by forcing the armed forces invade entire villages and towns in tribal region for catching handful of al-Qaeda and Taliban leaders on the U.S. dictates. In retaliation, the armed tribal people targeted armed forces bomb blasts and suicide attacks, which Islamabad conveniently dubbed as an act of Taliban, using it to create public hatred against the tribal people.

He mercilessly butchered around three thousand innocent unarmed girl students of a seminary in Islamabad, allegedly using phosphorus bombs that turned their bodies into ashes which was washed away into nearby drain before allowing media inside the place two days later. He was allegedly involved in the assassination twice prime minister of the country, Benazir Bhutto, and also assassinated strong Baloch leader Akbar Bugti who was against military control over provincial lands and mineral resources.

Musharraf was the first dictator in history who sacked all judges of Supreme Court, detained them and their families, disallowing even their children access to medicines and schools. Their crime was to refuse to his dictates for victimizing his opponents. Musharraf led military coup against elected Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, and later tried to hang him in a fake case of plane hijacking. He was forced to send Nawaz in exile to Saudi Arabia on the reported intervention of Riyadh which suspended oil supply for a week as a token threat.

Throughout his rule, he threatened never to allow Nawaz Sharif and Benazir Bhutto return to country to participate in politics. But when forced by Washington, he facilitated Benazir Bhutto and her spouse Asif Zardari to return by making the parliament passing the most controversial and ignominious piece of legislation titled national reconciliatory ordinance (NRO), pardoning all criminals, loan and tax defaulters.

The coward general who was on his knees before U.S. under-secretary of state Richard Armitage on a short phone call in the wake of 9/11, never spoke the truth with his nation. But he was perhaps speaking truth for the first time when he announced his return recently. Two days before March 24, his arrival date, the High Court of Sindh province allowed him unexpected bails in three main cases carrying death sentence. The bails were denied to him by the court for the last four years in the cases of assassination of Benazir Bhutto, Akbar Bugti and arresting judges of Supreme Court.

Joining war on terror


To justify his joining U.S. war on terror against Afghan Muslims, Musharraf gave a controversial slogan 'Pakistan First' to disengage the popular sentiment among Pakistanis to help out other Muslim nations under occupation or subjugation by non-Muslim enemies. But when for himself, General Musharraf always followed the policy of 'myself first', implementing west-dictated policies in the country in lieu of securing his dictatorial rule. He launched vehement campaigns for secularizing Pakistani society, including those of promoting the culture of promiscuity, women and wine in official circles, and western dance and music.

He removed the chapters about Muslim Caliphates from school college syllabi and replacing them with western romantic stories, and making women run in marathons in shorts and T-shirts, ignoring hue and cry across the nation. He fled the country when newly elected government and opposition joined hands in 2008 to impeach him for his crimes.

Has Washington or some other influential capital a role in his return? Or there was some other NRO in the making? It will become clear in future. But the situation puts a question mark on General Ashfaq Pervaiz Kayani's five years tenure as a guarantor of rule of law, justice and democracy.
Mansoor Jafar is Editor of Al Arabiya Urdu based at Islamabad. He can be reached through Twitter: @mansoorjafar



rustom said...

There are no death threat to Musharaff from, the Taliban. The taliban is his old ally....both together want to run the country, have the same goal, the money that comes to them is to attain a goal ,but want to have a smoke screen that creates a notion of him fighting the bad taliban, whilst harboring the good taliban, showcasing that pakistan has a strong political leader, politics having won over military dictatorship, also a political leader wanting to end taliban rule. Then whilst one facet of the same rule keeps attacking n terrorizing, the other facet thru the smoke screen will keep asking for military aid from the U.S, and UK ; whilst one creates chaos, the other arm installs a sort of blackmailing posture of stopping the chaos whilst gaining sympathy and eventually a ' u scratch my back n i urs' vis a vis other agenda between Pak- US/NATO/UK/ Russia as then musharaf having shown that he can control and in a way is an intermediary between the taliban, its faction and other nations that want to control terrorism that is eating into their respective countries. The Indian media not having learnt its lesson, nor want to, still thirsty for TRP once again gives a podium to such dictators and buys into such deceit. Musharaf then will call the baloch people terrorists, and show case them as being the bad boys will execute them further

Anonymous said...

Despite the serious death threat from Taliban against his life and looming assassination charges of Benazir Bhutto and Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti, hanging on over his head, Mush landed in Karachi wearing a bullet proof jacket under his shirt (see Photo), in tight security provided by his military men with rent-a- crowd paid supporters to show that he is not a wanted fugitive man but a popular politician who can steer the country out of its problems and save Pakistan form collapsing and failure.

The purpose of his return is clear and that is to give 'Mush card' also a chance.

Since the Pakistan's military is not in a position to attempt a military coup to take over, (as they did that so many times in the past), because, this time it will be a suicidal adventure if they try to do so as this will not only destabilize the already fragile Pakistan but it will also send the entire country into an ugly civil war, anarchy and complete collapse that the country can not afford and could never recover from.

So, therefore, the military and it's ISI are looking into other options, like the Plan B, which is to use it's proxy political parties, like Pakistan Tehreek-e- Insaf (TIP) of cricketer-turn-politician Mr. Imran Khan, Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) of the Cleric in the container Mr. Mullah Tahir-ul Qadri, Pro-Taliban extremist groups like Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam (JUI-F), Jamit-Islam (JI), Defa-e-Pakista- Council (DPC), a coalitions of 40 Islamic extremist group formed and headed by ISI man JuD chief Hafiz Saeed, the most wanted terrorist of US and Indian Governments, and the PML (Q) of Mush to Plant them through bogus votes and election drama to fool the world and insted of being in the front seat, run the country's affairs through these proxy puppets to give this whole thing a civilian face so that the world community accept it and do business with it as usual.

In this regard, Mush, an ex-military Gen of their own can make the best acceptable candidate and trustworthy man for the military and it's ISI to give the 'Mush card' a chance.

All these ISI cards, (TIP, PAT, JUI-F, JI, DPC, JuD, MQM and Mush card) are on the table to make sure one or more of these military's proxy political parties win the upcoming election to out number the PPP and PML (N), the two major parties in Pakistan whom's leaders relationship with Pakistan's military are not good.

The game is on and only the time will tell how the Pakistan's military and it's ISI will manipulate the elections and who they will declare as winner through the bogus and fraudulent votes. Let's wait and see.