April 12, 2013

Rogue state Pak not serving purpose for which it was created: Harbiyar Marri

   Apr 12, 1:28 pm   
London, April 12 (ANI): A senior Baloch leader has described Pakistan as a rogue state that has and will never serve the purpose for which it was created by the British in 1947.

Harbiyar Marri,Nationalist Leader, Balochistan, said in an interview given to ANI here recently that Pakistan has conducted five military operations in Balochistan which had claimed thousands of lives and resulted in the abduction and disappearance of several others.

"Since 1948, Pakistan has conducted five military operations in Balochistan in which, thousands of people have lost their lives, people have been abducted, and, we don't know the whereabouts of 14000 people. The international community is not taking any action against Pakistan, maybe because Pakistan is blackmailing them systematically through the Taliban, through these jihadi groups," Marri said.

"Pakistan is a rogue state right now. It isn't serving the purpose it was created for by the British, and now, it has created so many jihadi groups just to further their own interests, and those jihadi groups are working against the British, the Americans and against humanity, " he added.

Marri further said that the Baloch people are going in the right direction,and emphatically stated that their demands are justified.

"Pakistan makes false history, saying Balochistan has been a part of Pakistan. Actually, the idea of Pakistan as far as I know was hatched by the British at Whitehall, so that they could just have their say in that region. In 1948, they had a plan which backfired," Marri said.

He said that the Baloch demand for independence from Pakistan and the right to self-determination is justified.

"We were an independent state, and they came and occupied us. This rogue state (of Pakistan) must be stopped. They are not only committing atrocities in Balochistan, they are committing atrocities in Sindh, they are sending jihadi groups to Chechnya, to Kashmir, all over the world, just to create havoc. This is what we are against," Marri said.

"We want a peaceful Balochistan, a peaceful Sindh, but as an independent state, rather than being a part of Pakistan. I think Pakistan has come to its natural end, where it's destroying itself, where its policies have been created to advance its purposes, but actually they have backfired. The West knows that Pakistan has double crossed them," he added.

Marri maintained that the Americans have funded Pakistan for the last six years, and that those funds have been used by Islamabad to make their military and jihadi groups stronger.

He, therefore , said that it was imperative to have a serious dialogue between the Baloch and the Western powers on the way forward to achieving the goal of independent homeland.

This would ensure stability in the region, peace, tranquility and economic development, he added.

He said that Baloch independence movement has changed over the years, from one which was spearheaded by a few sardars, to it now being a movement of the masses.

"They should work together for an independent, democratic country. The educated Balochs are coming together with the sardars who want the independence of Balochistan. It's a good thing that we are coming together. That's why we need a roadmap to bring all the pro-independence people together. The more people join us, the quicker we get to our aim," he said.

Pakistan, Marri said, is a collapsing state that was selling, or giving its ports and other important places to China for next to nothing.

"Because, they know they have lost it all, and China has a strategic interest in Gwadar, in Balochistan, in this region, so, they want to have a stranglehold over the Strait of Hormuz, and they will use it if they have a problem against the Americans or against India. Pakistan has this agreement with China without the consent of the Baloch," Marri said.

He also blamed the Pakistan armed forces and jihadi groups like the Lashkar-e-Jhangvi for the mayhem that people in Balochistan were currently being subjected to.

He concluded by saying that there is a good coordination between the people who are in exile and those who are in Balochistan, and added that the goal of independence would be achieved soon. (ANI)


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