September 18, 2013

Economic Hitman of India: Manmohan Singh

By Ambi

Whenever I see manmohan singh and today's India's economic situation, it reminds me of a joke which ex US President Ronald Regan told to ex fed chairman alan greenspan. I first burst into laughter when i read it, but as i realize the depth and seriousness behind it, chill goes down my spine.

As the joke goes: in earlier USSR Comrade Brezhnev was observing the annual military parade at red square. first came the army, then commandos, then navy followed by airforce, then tanks followed, later missiles. And now program was about to end then only spectators found a bizarre scene. After the missiles a bunch of civilians was following the missiles, they were extremely shabby looking, without any military drill, looking here n there, waving hands to spectators. They were looking so odd. All the fellow comrades got cold feet. They knew there ass is going to get kicked. One of them hurriedly went to Comrade Brezhnev "forgive me sir, but i really don't know how these guys managed to get in. Pls give me some time, i ll find it and let you know. Brezhnev calmly told them, don't worry i have specially invited them to be a part of the parade. They are our most talented economists and my most lethal weapon. (Once penetrated in the enemy country) you don't know what damage they can do.

Our fureeen ( Foreign) return talented economist PM. Mr,Manmohan sing is our economic hitman. Ha ha ha !
On a serious note, when Shankar Sharma left the stock market then only I realized crisis in congress is far deep, its just a matter of time before it comes out open.

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