January 19, 2014

Balawaristan National Front: Meeting updates

18 Jan 2014
Today on 18th Jan 2014 Meeting held in BNF Head Office Gilgit and decided that the following organizers will organize the party under the Chief Organizer Haji Mohammad Rafiq as per the direction of the Chairman Abdul Hamid Khan for the next coming convention/ elections in all the districts (present Tehsils) one by one. The following persons have been nominated for different Provinces of Balawaristan.
Baltistan:  Mr. Sadaqat
Brooshaasl (Ghezer) : Qurban
Brooshaal (Hoonza & Nagir)  Safdar and Mehboob
Gilgit (Brooshaal): Burhan 
Diamar (Dardistan): Haji Jahangir
The first convention/election will be commenced from district Yasen (Yasin) and then other district depends of its preparedness and so on till the last convention/election in the whole Gilgit Baltistan.
Meanwhile, BNF Chief Abdul Hamid Khan had dissolved the Senior Vice Chairman Haji Rafiq, and 3 Vice Chairmans including  Advocate Sher Madad district Ghazer and Abdul Kafi district Diamar, while the post of vice chairman for Baltistan was vacant due to expulsion of Syed Haider Shah Rezvi from the party because of his indiscipline. The post of Senior Vice Chairman and Vice Chairmans will be reorganized before/after the elections. One organizer for Astore and one more for Baltistan will be announced later.

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