January 14, 2014


Press Release Grenoble France:

13 January 2014

We the participants of the International Conference titled “Baloutchistan : un peuple oubliĆ©, un peuple en souffrance ”, organized by “Baloch Voice Association and Baloch Diaspora France with the support of Centre d’information Inter-Peuples (CIIP) in Grenoble ” on 13th  January 2014 unanimously;

Commit ourselves to the struggle for our just and inalienable rights both as individuals and members of the Baloch community and take all measures possible through peaceful means to protect our language, culture and separate identity as Baloch and build a society based on values that affirm human dignity and freedom, emphasise diversity and inter-religious and sectarian harmony, and promote equality and justice;

Pay homage to the family members of Baloch Missing Persons and companions, who have completed a run of more then 700 Miles from Quetta to Karachi and are moving ahead to Islamabad, by walk with injured feet and heart to raise voice for the involuntary disappeared persons.

Appeal to the conscience of the International Human Rights Organizations, particularly United Nations Organization and European Union to take effective measures for the recovery and safe release of the Involuntary Disappeared Baloch Persons.

Denounce in strongest terms the continuing perpetration of heinous crimes against peace-loving Baloch people by the Pakistani and Iranian armies, which has resulted in one of the worst human rights violations that has largely been ignored and gone unreported in the history of humankind;

Call upon the international community and urge it to take note of the crimes being committed against an entire community in the name of ‘national and territorial integration’, and put pressure on the Pakistani state to honour its international commitments in cases involving torture, forced disappearances and ensuring the operation of an impartial justice system;

Demand to declare Baloch people kept in custody as ‘prisoners of war’ and to treat them as per the UN Conventions; and establishment of a International War Crimes Tribunal to try the perpetrators of the crimes against the Baloch people; also express our disaffection about the performance of the judiciary of Pakistan in the context of the missing persons and do not expect any justice under this system;

Express our deep concerns about the gross indifference and arrogance with which Pakistan has been conducting itself in its mission to reduce Baloch to a minority in their own land, subjugate an entire nation by brute force, seal their future by liquidating its young dynamic and promising leadership, exploit the natural resources of the Baloch lands to fill the coffers of the Pakistan state and its army and perpetuate its colonialism;

Hold that Balochistan’s forced accession to Pakistan was in violation of the decision of the elected assembly and was thus an act of historical injustice, where the leaders were coerced into accepting the decision imposed on them by the leadership of the Pakistan state;

Take appropriate steps to raise the issue of legality of accession of the Baloch state to Pakistan at the international level;

 Apprehend that Gwadar will serve as a strategic and financial backbone for the Islamic radicals backed by the state and contribute to regional tension;
 Protest against the bestowing of the Baloch Resources to the Dragon, for the implementation of it’s strategic designs. The Baloch never accept the building of Chinese Naval Bases at the mouth of Gawadar Port.

 Stop and expose the Pak-China secrete joint venture plan for the extraction of Uranium from the mountains of Balochistan.
 Concerned that the establishments of cantonments and continuous deployment of about 150,000 Pakistani forces will further exacerbate the human rights conditions in Balochistan and perpetuate the genocide being undertaken by the Pakistan state;

 Remind our brethren and International Community that the ideology of Pakistan will never be in consonance with the secular credentials of Baloch identity and International Community, and given the inherent contradictions in the Pakistani state, the persisting domination of the fundamentalism in the statecraft and the insipient sense of conceit, dishonesty and deception in its leadership, the Baloch have to struggle to Re-gain their sovereignty and independence;
 Draw attention of the international community to the brazen use of Islamic radicalism against the Baloch in the name of patriotism and nationalism to wipe out the liberal and secular ethos of the Baloch nation and condemn the nexus between the Pakistani military and such militant groups to subdue and suppress the genuine voice of the Baloch people;

 Realise the need to work in coordination with International Organizations in a concerted manner towards effective propagation of our language, culture, our political agenda and our national interests through audio-visual and electronic media and provide a forum for regular exchange of views, ideas, options and strategies which will guide us in our most critical struggle for existence;

 Appeal to the peace building France Government to take lead step for an international intervention to help the secular Baloch people to regain their sovereignty and end the forced occupation of Balochistan;

 Baloch Voice Association and Baloch Diaspora France are thankful to CIIP for their kind co-operation and support to organize this valuable conference to raise the voice of the Baloch People;

Balochistan Aajoi Juhd Zindagbath

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