January 17, 2014

Mischievous British and the Blue Star Operation

K.Gajendra Singh 16 January , 2014

Presstitute; Short for press and prostitute coined by trend forecaster Gerald Celente for journalists and talking heads who give biased and predetermined views in favor of corporations & the government .

Whore: (verb) to debase one by doing something for unworthy motives, typically to make money.     -The New Oxford American Dictionary

According to media reports, the government of India under resolute and doughty Indira Gandhi sought the advice of the British (intelligence or special forces ) in connection with the blue Star operation in June 1984. Indian media is controlled by corporate interests and government and hence is called pressitute and is generally clueless about foreign affairs .In spite of the wealth generated by incessant advertisements , mostly well-connected relatives of the powers that be and even their  girlfriends, wives are employed .Little money is spent on research or having correspondents abroad . Western media has gone down completely and become a handmaiden of the governments which are controlled by corporate interests, so there is very little honest research or reporting. That also holds true for most of Indians think tanks, many of which are financed by Western sources directly or indirectly, or corporate interests. The media is led by the likes of Yankee count, Shekhar Gupta, a corporate whore and government pressitute.

It was fortunate that after 1958 no IFS trainees were sent to British universities and the Commonwealth office of United Kingdom. I was therefore very delighted when a team of British diplomats who had been put in charge of establishing a training school for British diplomats came in 1988 to foreign service training institute, FSTI  now known as FSI to learn how to organize training for British diplomats.

Unfortunately, our security services like IB and RAW were trained by the British and then taken over by the American CIA and FBI and probably now they sit at the feet of Mossad. I met many of police officers, some from my own batch of 1961, who in the 80s treated some of the British officers by whom they were trained or security officers visiting India as almost like demigods. Research and Analysis Wing (RAW), whose reputation and prestige is rightly in mud has become a totally unaccountable organization and this fact is known to everyone. Recruited by itself it has become like a private uncle-nephew corporation.  Perhaps the ruling party uses it for its personal and political party advantage abroad as they openly use IB when in power or CBI. Many of the raw officers would talk glowingly of CIA, because in the American diplomatic system, which has hardly proved effective, with tens of $ billions spent on CIA, FBI and other intelligence agencies .RAW tried to mould itself like CIA, hoping that one day having failed to make into the foreign service, they will rise under the cover of diplomats and even become ambassadors as in CIA.

With some support from Raw, fully from IB, civil aviation and home affairs I had organized the following training module in 1988 for officers, not only from the foreign service, but also from other services, including defence on how to counter terror attacks.

Crisis Management Program Outline and Daily Schedule  

                          MONDAY JUNE 12

0915                  Registration
0930                  Inauguration by Hon'ble M.O S
10151115     Political Violence and Terrorism a historical overview
1115-1130     Tea break
1130-1300        Foreign Policy and Legal Aspects of Terrorism
1 300-1400       Working Lunch
1400-1 530      Psychodynamics of terrorism
1530-1600       Tea break
1600-1730        Theories and practices in Crisis Management
1000 1300         Dealing with crisis situations- negotiating skills and techniques
1300-1400        Working Lunch
1400-1600        Dealing with terrorists— a simulation exercise
1600-1630        Tea break
1 630-1 730      Organisation of terrorist and militant groups in India

0930-1100        Media and Crisis Management
1100-1130        Tea break
11301300      International Terrorist Groups I
1300-1400        Working Lunch
1400 1 530       International Terrorist Groups-ll
1530-1600        Tea break
1 600 1 730       Smuggling and Narco-terrorism

                     THURSDAY JUNE 15
1000 1300        Case study of terrorist incident : analysis and conclusion
1 300 1400        Working Lunch
140O-1730      Case studies in terrorism
1) Mhatre murder case (Birmingham)
2) Hijacking of Indian Airlines plane in Dubai
3) Attempted hijacking of PAN AM Aircraft at Karachi (Sept  1986)
4) Dec 1988 PANAM Aircrash

1000-1300        Simulation exercise: Indian Ambassador held hostage
1300-1400        Working Lunch
1400-1 530       Institutional Arrangements for Crisis Management
1530-1545        Tea break
1545-1630        Video film —'Crisis Management’
1630-1730        Review/Assessment

Note ( FSTI was started in mid 1980s  with barely 5or 6 officers with a part-time dean of faculty, secretary A. B Gokhale .No credit is now given to Mr Gokhle , with later Deans having added little to the number of courses )

This module was very well received, but I am not sure if it is being organised now.

Probably we have too many agencies at cross purposes in our so called national intelligence agency, whatever its name. One of the comments made by the some of the police and security services trainees was after that module was,apart from appreciating the program that it was better than something similar in UK .But some were not too happy because officers from security services were deputed to such programs in UK, which was not as good, but they used this occasion to save money for goodies which at that time were not easily available in India.

A Raw chief in late-1980s was telling a number of officers in South Block, where MEA is located, that he could make LTTE leader Prabhakaran do whatever he wanted to. This was the most absurd statement that I ever came across. The Indian troops were sent to Sri Lanka without taking into account what were India’s objectivists and what would be the cost and loss of life .Were we prepared to bear the losses to achieve those objectives. I had asked this question in the class, which had been organized for the Foreign Service trainees from the visiting head of Indian mission in Colombo. I had added that was it like Syria's strategic interests in Lebanon for its security. There was no clear cut answer or even a reasonable response. We all know what happened in the end; Rajeev Gandhi was assassinated as a byproduct of this misadventure. All those connected with advising him like foreign minister, Narsingh Rao, ambassador to Sri Lanka, joint secretary dealing with Sri Lanka all did very well in the careers and professions.

The point I am trying to make is that ours intelligence services especially RAW is hopeless and not accountable to anyone. Even the Vice President in a lecture suggested that there should be a Parliamentary committee to look into that. Both Raw and IB, especially Raw, had been known through the corridor gossip, that they misadvised the Indian government on the situation in Sri Lanka. It is true of almost of all crises and wars involving an input from Raw whether it was 1962, 1965 and even 1971. Or Blue Star.

In 1962 when Raw was part of IB from all accounts available ,the first boss of our intelligence services dealing with internal and external intelligence services was a disaster, both in preparation and information regarding Chinese intentions and preparations and later suggestions to fight the occupation. They took stand on the basis of advice of the Americans who wanted to keep China entangled at least on the southern border. China after teaching a lesson to India withdrew , as one Chinese diplomat arrogantly told me and was also repeated when FM AB Vajpayee was visiting China , then at war with Vietnam ,who gave the Chinese a bloody nose .The Chinese withdrew  from India and concentrated on their main preoccupation in the Pacific .Indians have still not recovered from the shock.

Indian diplomats even those posted to China, parody, the American line that India should not have recognized Tibet as part of China. What would have India done with a dismally prepared armed forces, a profession, which before 1962 was considered to be best sporting and entertainment club East of Suez. The Chinese were determined and their armed forces, the People's Army after the revolution was much better battle tested than India’s ill-prepared soldiers, their arms and even the uniforms. Political parties specially BJP, which is feeling frustrated make silly noises on ill-informed corporate channels without any sense.

What tickles me most and what is most pathetic how RAW boasts of its performance in 1971.More than half of Pakistanis ie now Bangladeshis were falling head over heal to defect to India or give intelligence  about Pak army in East Pakistan .I handled some of such cases in Ankara.

Some well-known RAW officers, like others keep on writing articles on international situation when they are ill informed even about the situation in Pakistan. I had to tell one of them when after the 2003 illegal invasion of Iraq by US led Western forces, possibly briefed by his American handlers he wrote that Washington will sort out Iraq, then Syria and finally Iran. It was a good buy for Shekhar Gupta, who even added Pakistan and said it was of the good of India" and democracy.

 We all know what actually happened. West has created tens of thousands of terrorists. USA and its allies have destroyed Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and were stopped from doing so in Syria by Iran, Russia and even China, a major turning point for our times .The criminal Western leadership led attempts to establish bases and control central Asia were rebuffed back , after having been thrown out from airbases in Uzbekistan .The struggle  is still contested in Ukraine, but in favor of Russia. In Georgia Western puppet president’s powers have been circumscribed.

Some of the speakers and writers who know about international situation, which does not include our so-called talking non-sense heads on TV channels, understand that information is exchanged between intelligence services of all countries, even when they are at war with each other or in hostile intense situations... Thus, the claim of the British even at that time, while hyperbolic, is a lie, a point which is being uncovered from to time and time. Some low level contacts might have been made. During Blue Star , UK was allowing freedom to Khalistani separatists .BBC telecast Khalistanis celebrating the assassination of Indira Gandhi .In fact many terror groups are allowed to operate in UK .UK like USA is already in 1984 , as affirmed  by Snowden. While Indian police is venal and inefficient and destroyed by the political class, the performance of Scotland Yard was laughable in 2005 terror attacks following which a Brazilian was shot dead. UK will one day pay the price for harboring Muslim and other terror groups in their country.


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