January 25, 2014

Pakistan army is planning a "Sri Lankan style anti-Tamil" massive military operation in Balochistan

WASHINGTON D.C: According to some reliable sources, Pakistan army is planning, a Sri Lankan style anti-Tamil, massive military operation against the Sarmachaars (the Baloch Freedom Fighters) in Balochistan.

The key elements of this evil plan are;

- The Operation, as a part of the new Security Policy of Pakistan, is planned to start in Spring of 2014.
- The Operation will be carried out throughout Balochistan, but mostly it will be focused in Mekran, where most Sarmachaars (The Baloch freedom Fighters) are active.
- Beside the already stationed 120,000 paramilitary FC forces, another 80,000 regular army troops, backed with 12 military gunships helicopters, will take part in this offensive against the Baloch Freedom Fighters.
- It is learnt that the Chinese and Sari-Lankan commandos will also join Paki forces to help them carry out their offensive against the Baloch Freedom Fighters. Let's not forget that the China and Pakistan army played a key role in crushing the Tamil rebellion in Sri Lanka by supplying weapons to Sri Lankan Government. Pakistan has already given the control of Balochistan's strategically located key port of Gwadar to China and China wants to remove any Baloch opposition to Pakistan-China military strategic plans for Gwadar.

- Punjab Forum, a mouth piece of Pakistan's army and it's ISI, have repeatedly asked Pakistan military to carry out SriLankan style Full-Scale military Operation in Balochistan to crush Baloch rebellion.


Baloch Society of North America alert and appeal to the UNO, Obama Administration, State of Israel and Indian Government to not let this massacre and genocidal plan be carried out by Pakistani terrorist army against the freedom fighting secular Baloch people, the very true friends, ally and strategic assets of the US, India, State of Israel and of civilized world against the Islamic Extremists and Chinese expansion in the region. Because, if Balochs are killed and their struggle for freedom and justice is crushed, the Islamic extremists and Terrorists of Pakistan and Iran will win and they will turn Balochistan into another safe heaven for their terrorist activities against the US, India, State of Israel and the civilized world.

The planned Paki military massacre of innocent Baloch people, who are fighting for their freedom for long time, must be prevented and stopped at all cost. A counter international intervention plan must be in place to prevent the Paki massacre of Baloch people,  if and when the Paki terrorist army decides to go on with their genocidal plan against the Baloch people, similar to that of Bangladesh in 1971, to crush the Baloch freedom fighters.

We hope that the world community and friends of Baloch will not sit as silent spectators and watch the Baloch massacre goes on for too long.

Thank you,


Dr. Wahid Baloch
Baloch Society of North America

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