January 25, 2014

Pakistani forces kill 5 and detain 17 Baloch citizens in Panjgur, Balochistan

Sat Jan 25, 2014

PANJGUR: Five Baloch citizens were killed and 17 others were detained by Pakistani occupying FC forces in Panjgur district, in Balochistan, after FC soldiers fired rockets on the house of a suspected Baloch militant, in Washbood Village, in the District of Panjgur.

According to the local sources, on Friday after Pakistani occupying forces surrounded the house of Shahmir Baloch in Washbood area of Panjgur district, as a part of their search operation that was being conducted by Pakistani FC forces in different parts of Balochistan.

The shooting started between the residents of the house and the FC soldiers after FC men tried to force break-in and enter the house compound.

The search and military operation in Balochistan comes after a high-level meeting chaired by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, attended by Chief of Army Staff General Raheel Sharif, DG ISI, DG Military Operations, DG Military Intelligence, Defense Minister Khawaja Asif, Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar and Finance Minister Ishaq Dar along with all other higher officials, who decided in principle to launch the military operation against the anti-state groups in Balochistan.

Earlier a Shia pilgrim bus, in-route to Quetta, capital of Balochista, was blown up in Mustung with a remote controlled bomb, killing 28 pilgrims and injuring scores others including women and children.

Many people believe that the bus bombing was a handiwork of Lashkar-e-Jhangvi (LeJ), a terrorist proxy group of Pakistan's ISI and FC, to use it as a pre-text to launch the targeted operation and grand military invasion in Balochistan against the Baloch militants, who are battling Pakistani forces against the illegal occupation of their homeland Balochistan and exploitation of their resources by Pakistan with the help of Chines companies. 

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