January 10, 2014

Saudi FM al-Faisal in Pakistan to Prop up the two Sides of Triangle of Terror

Confirms Retreat of US Military Power and hegemony

The writer has consistently stated that the bane of most of the greater Middle East, south west and south Asia has been the unholy triangle of Washington, Riyadh and Islamabad. This triangle when expanded includes some of the western countries led by UK and Israel in the background with Jewish control over the US Congress.

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This began soon after the Khomeini led revolution in Iran, which exiled the Shah-in-Shah, US gendarme in the Middle East .Almost all Muslim countries, led by Saudi Arabia and other Gulf monarchies, European countries and others joined hands with Gen Ziaulhaq of Pakistan to create nurseries of terrorists in Afghanistan and Pakistan against the Soviet troops invited to strengthen the leftist regime in Kabul in 1980s. Media reports suggest that Saudi Arabia has contributed over USD 300 billion of petrodollars towards promoting Islamic extremism by providing funds for Qurans , mosques, madarsas , arms and training, this latter being provided by US special forces, CIA and Pakistan ISI . Pakistan has been condemned with shortsighted leaders since its creation by the British to keep India away from Central Asia and West Asia. In the latter were located the oil wells of Western companies .The crucial importance of petroleum in economy and for wars was fully illustrated during the World War II. Pakistan was inherently an unstable state since unlike India, there was very little social of ground level movement for independence. It was created by the British to divide the continent.

After the defeat of Soviet arms in Afghanistan, Washington withdrew its support and arms. I am quite sure that the West knew that the thousands of Jihadis in the form of Taleban and Al Qaeda will be a constant source of trouble to the Soviet central Asia and even China with its Uighur Xinjiang province... On the other hand, the Muslim jihadis believed that they had themselves defeated one superpower, and if they continued their jihad they will also bring down the other one ie USA, a thought promoted by Al Qaeda's founder and leader Osama bin laden.

After terror attacks in East Africa on American missions came 911 attacks on US symbols of economic and military power. It is generally believed that it was a false flag operation to give an excuse to USA to invade Afghanistan and establish bases in that country, apart from Pakistan and Central Asian states to control this region and its resources, the Soviet Union having collapsed in 1991 and then Yeltsin destroyed the mighty Russian state.

A project to invade Iraq for its resources and to control Middle East, with its rich oil resources and also to remove US troops from Saudi Arabia, which were planted there after 1990 to expel Saddam Hussein troops from Kuwait, was planned even before the elections, which brought George Bush to power in a contested election when the Supreme Court of America failed in its duty.

Hubris laded US leadership with its history of genocide of red Indians and inhuman and barbaric treatment of blacks and others in its DNA, its illegal and criminal actions in Iraq after the 2003 invasion of Iraq and brutal occupation was only to be expected. It led to the breakup of a flourishing state of Iraq and turmoil in the region, except that instead of strengthening Israel, it only strengthened its enemy, Iran, whose sympathizers and supporters the Shia parties are now ruling in Baghdad.  But violence in Iraq remains unabated.

Washington ruled by military industrial complex and energy and financial lobbies and controllers would not stop and after destroying Libya started interfering in Syria. This was fully supported by Saudi Arabia and other Gulf States because the destruction of Iraq strengthened the Shias in West Asia, with Iran, Shia Iraq, and Alewife ruled Syria and Hezbollah in Lebanon, thus creating a Shia arc going right up to the Mediterranean as warned King Hussein of Jordan.

How and when would the expected moment of the end of the US led Western hegemony become official? When U.S.-led military armada was face to face with Russian forces and slunk away.

There is now a very much scared ruling gerontocracy of thousands of princes in Saudi Arabia, who live lavishly against the tenets of Islam. It is quite clear that Saudi Arabia would like Muslims to remain backward, ignorant and superstitions, so that it can rule over them because of being the guardians of the holy places of Islam in Mecca and Medina.

It may be recalled that at the time of the Syrian crisis, spy chief Prince Bandar had tried to bribe and at the same time threaten Putin, but the letter literally shoed him away and went ahead with his plans and confrontation against Obama in Syria. Saudi Arabia is now in a state of quandary and like a drowning man looking around for some support and assistance. The visit of Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Faisal to Pakistan should be looked at in that perspective. Compared to Prince Bandar Prince Faisal is sophisticated and a capable diplomat.

 With increased cooperation between Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, more money and arms flowing into would further destabilize Pakistan and Afghanistan .It should also worry Indians.

As regards Saudi Arabia demanding some of Pakistani nuclear bombs, it must be remembered that Saudi Arabia gave tens of billions of dollars to Pakistan and financed what the Muslim world calls Islamic nuclear bomb. Many years ago there were reports in reliable German media in Hamburg that Riyadh already possessed some a few nuclear bomb manufactured in Pakistan. It is quite possible and credible.

K.Gajendra Singh 10 Jan 2014.

Saudi strategy includes alliance with Pakistan

During his Jan. 6 visit to Pakistan, Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Saud al-Faisal celebrated the "deep-rooted historic relations between the two Islamic countries" and promised regular consultation meetings on regional and international issues of mutual concern. The promise of Saudi investment, together with remittances of around 1.5 million Pakistani workers in Saudi Arabia are much needed in Pakistan.

 Saudi Arabia considers Pakistan a pivotal ally, both to contain Iran and to further Riyadh’s leadership bid in the Arab world.
Author Madawi Al-RasheedPosted January 8, 2014

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