February 27, 2014

QUOTE OF THE DAY : G Parthasarathy

India should make it clear (to US)  that it will not tolerate events like Mrs. Sonia Gandhi being threatened with prosecution while undergoing medical treatment in New York, or the supercilious attitude adopted towards Mr. Narendra Modi, who is a constitutionally elected Chief Minister. We should not accept a situation where Americans believe that they can behave high-handedly towards our elected politicians because of their domestic lobbies. The US should also be left in no doubt that on such issues, including consular and diplomatic privileges, India will firmly adhere to a policy of strict reciprocity."

G Parthasarathy

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captainjohann said...

Hope this is announced openly by our leadership and followed. Otherwise USA will equate India with Pakistan. It is the balck money kept by these politicians in USA's delware or in swiss bank accounts which gives them the leverage. Let India have a truth and reconciliation commission for our black money holding business and politrical leaders.