September 24, 2014

Shock and Awe in Syria: A Replay of War on Terror


TEHRAN (FNA)- Canadian humanist, Rodrigue Tremblay, once said: The world should be worried about those who go around the planet with a can of gasoline in one hand and a box of matches in the other, pretending to sell fire insurance.
These days the world has indeed every reason to be worried: Because the Empire of Chaos and its coalition of terrorism financiers (Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Jordan) are doing just that: They have begun selling fictitious "security covers" to the people of the Middle East by bombing their own colonies of terror and violence in Syria!

The fathers of ISIL, all of whom deny patrimony, are bombing their fundamentalist crazies in Syria after their foreign policy weapon against the "Axis of Resistance" (Iran, Syria and Lebanon) backfired. They vainly spent three years providing American weapons and petro-dollar cash to the "good terrorists," including the medieval butchers of ISIL, in futile hopes that they would "degrade and ultimately destroy" the Syrian state.

For better or worse, America's coalition set out to destroy one state in Syria, yet ironically ended up creating a "caliphate" across the borders of Syria and Iraq; a medieval Frankenstein that is now completely out of control and fanatically hell-bent on destroying its own masters and the world as we know it.  

US military officials say the ongoing air strikes (without UN Security Council mandate or Syrian permission) are meant to target the ability of ISIL to command and control, resupply and train. If only Emperor Obama could have listened to someone that he has no clothes: His bogus coalition could have done just that; not by fighter warplanes, drones and Tomahawk cruise missiles, but by closing the jihadist highways and banks, terrorist training camps, and arms supply routes/depots in "friendly neighbors" like Turkey and Jordan. If they are worried about stopping terrorism, they must first stop participating in it!

For now, it is apparent that the coalition of the killing is smashing the boogeyman of America's own making ISIL. It is painfully evident that every member of this coalition also happens to be a co-conspirator with American CIA and Israeli MOSAAD in giving birth to the runaway monster – just like al-Qaeda.

However, it doesn't take a strategic mastermind to grasp that Obama's war on ISIL in Syria looks more like Bush's war on Afghanistan launched in 2001, supposedly to destroy al-Qaeda and the Taliban. The result spread al-Qaeda across the region and turned the Taliban into a guerrilla army of resistance.

Thirteen years later, the Taliban controls large parts of Afghanistan and most NATO troops are on their way out. Al-Qaeda has been eclipsed by the even more extreme ISIL, which mushroomed out of the Western-sponsored destruction of the Iraqi and Syrian states. Something similar is also happening in the chaos left three years ago by NATO's "humanitarian intervention" in Libya.

And now we are witnessing a replay of the neocons' "War on Terror," more than a decade after it was demonstrated to only fuel terrorism rather than fight it. However, the new "War on Terror" in the Syrian theater cannot and will not destroy ISIL, because air strikes can only do so much. History tells us that it will portend further disaster for the people of Syria and Iraq, the region, and much of the world.

All told, it is futile to deny the fact that in their eagerness to topple the Syrian government and appease Israel, the War Party and its nation partners created ISIL. Although they are at the heart of the current sectarian inferno, they are still going everywhere with their bombs and guns, pretending to sell security insurance. It's a genuine madness on the loose, because the obvious conclusion is this: Only Iraqis and Syrians, and not Washington's new shock and awe campaign, can defeat the "American Caliphate" and rid its medieval/violent ideology from their territories.

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