October 12, 2014

Petition to Stop appointment of Preeta Bansal who denied visa to Narendra Modi as Federal Circuits Judge

SIGN Petition to Stop appointment of Preeta Bansal who denied visa to Narendra Modi as Federal Circuits Judge

October 10, 2014
Prakasarao V Velagapudi PhD

Dear Friends:
Preeta Bansal was head of USCIRF when it shamelessly denied Visa for Narendra Modi which was not done to any leader of any nation.   Modi was elected by 50 million people several times, courts did not find fault with him, but joining hands with USCIRF racists, she conveniently assented to this ignominious action.  Musharaff, Iranian, Saudi Arabia, even Muslim Brotherhood leaders who practice intolerance and support terrorism could come into US without any issues, but Preeta, who was head of USCIRF could not argue against refusal of visa to Modi by USCIRF serving as its head!!!  

See the USCIRF report under Preeta Bansal denying visa to Modi below.

As Rajeev Malhotra mentioned, Hindus like Preeta Bansal who come up in public arena in US, they do so by undermining their own people.   Part of it is the inherent complex and many times it is mostly their ambition.   Targeting their own kind pays dividends from two fronts.  

1) It is easy to do it for a community that is not well organized such as Jewish community 
2) Doing to their own community, they will come across as if they are impartial. 

Many times these cowards would not stand with same strength and force on the real culprits like the Preet Bharara, the NY District Attorney who has worked with Khalistan groups to try to issue summons to Narendra Modi during recent visit to USA which was stopped by Obama himself.  I understand, they were trying to get an undercover agent to attend Modi dinner and issue summons.   Cowards like Bharara would go after relatively small time South Asian wall street insiders or puny cases like that of Indian diplomat, but has little courage to go after big wall street guys such as Morgan and Stanley.   The driving factor for these people is their uninhibited ambition.   Do not get fooled  simply because they are brown color and Indian heritage.   Indian Americans should NOT support  Preet Bharara, a rabid anti-Indian, as Attorney General of USA.   


                FORWARD this PETITION to all your FRIENDS, REQUEST them to SIGN

Prakasarao V Velagapudi PhD

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