May 09, 2017

CPEC a Geopolitical game changer


Chinese “investment“ is actually a loan that the host nation has to repay. The bulk of Chinese money goes not to locals but is transferred from a state-owned Chinese bank or credit institution to a state-run or state-associated Chinese infrastructure company that executes the project using Chinese workers. Project costs are gold plated to account for both bribes for local elites (generals in Rawalpindi or politicians in Punjab and Balochistan) as well as to ensure windfall gains for the Chinese. 

✔ *Strategic importance for China is greater than usual*. This is because of the access it allows western China to the Indian Ocean, as an alternative to the Straits of Malacca.It also *gives China a presence and for all purposes a colony that will allow it room for immediate military and political influence in India's neighbourhood and in West Asia.* 

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