May 21, 2017

Motives behind the BLA terrorist attack on Sindhi labors in Gwadar.

By Meerin Baloch

There is no doubt that ISI and FC did it, killed the labors and told BLA to take credit for it so that Paki can collect more money from China for the CPEC Route security and at the same time use the attack as a pretext to round up more Baloch citizens and disappear them and turn the Sindhi people against Baloch people, a part of their inherited policy of "divide and rule" from British and internationally to label the Baloch national movement for freedom and justice as a "terrorist movement".

1. If you look into the timing of the attack, you can easily connect the dots that clearly leads the attack to ISI. During the attack PM Nawaz Sharif was in China along with all 4 other Chief ministers, including the Chief minister of Balochistan, trying to convince the Chinese, that CPEC is not safe and that we need more money to secure it from Baloch militants and this attack was dine to just prove that and to convince Chinese.

2. The place where attack occurred is highly safe and well guarded and no one could dare to come close, but still two "BLA terrorist" came in on the motorcycle, killed 10 Sindhi laborers and took off without any trace is just a big joke and seriously questionable. It clearly shows that FC or ISI did it.

3. Now the big question is that why the BLA took credit for it. The answer is very simple. Because, the BLA is colluding and has been colluding with ISI, since it was created under the directions of ISI, given the task to counter and weaken the Baloch national movement for freedom both domestically and as well as internationally, disguised as freedom fighters.

4. If someone look carefully at all the terrorist acts that the BLA or its brother organization UBA of Mehran Marri took credit for, including the burning of Jinnah house in Ziarat Balochistan, one can easily see the foot prints of ISI and their motives behind it. Because every terrorist attack that BLA or UBA took credit for only benefitted the Paki state and ISI and not the Baloch people. Some one has to be extremely stupid to shoot on his own foot by killing innocent Sindhi labors which can not and will not harm Pakistan in any way but only help ISI dirty games, plans and agenda against the Baloch people.

5. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to not understand the dirty tricks and ugly games that the ISI is playing using BLA as a proxy to take credit for its orchestrated acts to mislead the world community and the Baloch people.

6. The fact is that there is not a single target throughout Balochistan that can cripple Pakistan's army or its economy except the gas pipeline that extends from Dera Bugti to Panjab and Karachi and the CPEC route, which are both heavily guarded with thousand FC personals and 25 thousands special commandos of rapid response forces backed with air and ground surveillance equipments and gunship helicopters, who can quickly respond to an attack and track and kill the attacker on the spot before he can even take off and run away too far from the scene.

So what is the purpose of these ill-advised, misguided and counterproductive skirmishes that the Baloch militants are doing everyday in Balochistan and killing the innocent people.

Two purposes:

1. Many Baloch militants groups, such as BLA and UBA are colluding with ISI and working on ISI directions and instructions to do their bidding and take credit of ISI orchestrated acts that can benefit Paki military and its state and at the same time to fool the world community and India to collect it from them too.

2nd, To fool the ordinary poor Baloch people, making them think and believe that BLA and UBA are fighting for them, despite the fact that the none of their terrorist actions have proved to have benefited Baloch people but only benefitted the Paki state, its army and their interests every time.

BRA, LeB and BLF case is different.

BRA is an anti-Pakistani force with revengeful and angry mentality without having any concrete plan of a national liberation movement and they too been involved in killing the ordinary poor Baloch citizens calling them as Pak agents and because of that their popularity have been cut to zero and their support among Baloch masses have drastically reduced.

In Dera Bugti, Brahamdog Bugti's home town, no one support him because of his cousins, Mir Aali Bugti and Shazain Bugti, have taken full control of their areas and so does the Kalper group headed by Balochistan's interior minister Mr. Sarfraz Bugti.

Many people, especially in Mekran, after killing 5 innocent local Baloch there by BRA terrorists, have turned against them and due to the egotism and Sardari and Nawabi mentality of Brhamdog Bugti, BRA lost his popularity among the educated Baloch youths of Mekran who were his main source of supporters.

On the other hand Lashkar-e-Balochistan (LeB) is a pressure group created by Javad Mengal and his son Noordin Mengal, to use it to pressurize Pakistan and Balochistan's Government to include his brother Akhtar Mengal and his BNP party in the Government in Balochistan. It is only popular in Wadh areas of Balochistan but with not a lot of people in it. Pakistan ISI have created a similar group headed by Shafiq Mengal to counter LeB in Wadh area and it is effectively working.

Last one is the BLF, which is headed by Dr. Allah Nazar Baloch. The group is active only in Awaran and Mekran but due to lack of a concrete strategy, its ill-advised skirmishes and killing poor labors including many Baloch local citizens, calling them Paki agent, have made the group to lost its popularity too among the Baloch youths.

In this whole scenario the Baloch movement seems to be dying day by day and the only way to revive it is the stop funding these useless groups and their counter productive terrorist activities and focus on funding and supporting those U.S based Baloch organizations who can effectively articulate the Balochistan's case with the U.S lawmakers, UN bodies and human right organizations and take Balochistan's case to the ICJ against the illegal and unjust occupation of Balochistan by Pakistan.

Otherwise, all the money that is being spent on these militants and their ill-advised skirmishes and counter productive activities are going into the drain with no outcome and their actions are only strengthening Paki and its military, the FC, to continue their siege and grip more forcefully over Baloch people to kill and humiliate them every day at gun point.

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