May 13, 2017

OBOR projects are Goldplated, an act of pumping more money

"In the name of global trade and links, China is violating the sovereignty of Indian territories in the state of J&K. China should have discussed this project with India before going ahead with this plan through J&K. The One Nation policy preached by China, is equally applicable to every nation's case. India has every right to respond as it wishes in this case. Its sad to also see China supporting all irritant countries in the world. No idea what message China wants to send out to the world through these alliances."

OBOR, an economic initiative, places China right in the middle of the political affairs of the countries it benefits. To make the economic corridor secure, China had to make further investments to secure the political stability of the country it benefits and keep its armed forces in standby when there is a threat perception. So, the project involves economic, political and military costs.

Pakistan had already deployed 10K plus troops to secure the corridor from insurgency and unrest. The Middle East is on the boil and it takes another quarter of a century to bring it back to normalcy. The Eastern European countries are on the brink of an economic collapse. China, at best, can deliver package after package of relief to these nations. In the long run the projects may become inviable.

Some may come out as a success. Some needs localisation and testing ground realities. China, at best, can shed its aggressive posture with its neighbours, resolve Korean crisis, resolve bilateral disputes before venturing into global scale.

OBOR: It's going to be an act of pumping more money at last with little economic impact.

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