May 14, 2017

Pakistan Army withdrew Tweet

Pakistan army is not an institution that retracts from statements made publicly. That changed yesterday when it withdrew its tweet (dated April 29, 2017) rejecting notification issued by PMO on Dawn Leak issue. What prompted army to do that is a question worth pondering! 

Below are the two ISPR Press Releases: 

No PR-229/2017-ISPR                                                                           Dated: April 29, 2017

Rawalpindi - April 29, 2017:Notification on Dawn Leak is incomplete and not in line with recommendations by the Inquiry Board. Notification is rejected.


No PR-252/2017-ISPR                                                                            Dated: May 10, 2017

Rawalpindi - May 10, 2017: The tweet on 29 April 2017 was not aimed at any government office or person. Recommendations as contained in Para 18 of the Inquiry Committee Report, duly approved by the Prime Minister, have been implemented, which has settled the Dawn leaks issue. Accordingly, ISPR's said Twitter post stands withdrawn and has become infructuous. Pakistan Army reiterates its firm commitment and continued resolve to uphold the constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and support the democratic process. 

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