May 08, 2017

Pakistan Urdu media review

As you can see, the Urdu media is seen to be exhorting the government to execute Kulbhushan Jadhav as the earliest without succumbing to pressure from any quarters. Most editorials dwelling on the issue use similar arguments and similar style of expression indicating well-known "envelope-journalism" at work in Pakistan.

Commentators in the Urdu media continue to characterize India as a hegemonic power with pseudo-secular, "Hindu", and "Brahminical" orientation.

There is a temptation to attribute all problems Pakistan is suffering from to intelligence agencies of India, Afghanistan, Israel and the US. Most of those who make these points seem quite convinced about it. The confessions of Kulbhushan Jadhav and Ehshanullah Ehshan are repeatedly invoked to justify their argument.

The Sunni Islamist impulse is quite manifest in the commentaries on Saudi Arabia and discussions on blasphemy, in the wake of lynching of a student named Mashal Khan in Punjab. There is also guarded criticism of Shia Iran for allegedly provoking resistance to Saudi efforts at raising an alliance against terror.

There is an effort to bring in the threat of possible nuclear engagement between India and Pakistan because of non-resolution of the Kashmir issue. There is an unrelenting focus on the ongoing turmoil in Kashmir. There is a general belif that Nawaz Sharif continues to be soft on India.

Quite interestingly, in a rare editorial Nawai Waqt held security agencies responsible for growing attacks by TTP affiliated groups. One more commentary also questioned the veracity of the claims by the military that high-profile operations Zarb-e-Azb and Radd-ul-Fasad had been highly successful and broken the back of the terrorists.  

All in all, the vernacular media appears unapologetically anti-India in tone and tenor.

Hope the inputs will be useful to all the Pakistan watchers.


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