May 13, 2017

Perspectives on Terrorism, Volume 11, Issue 2 (2017)

Apr 2017

The contributions in this issue of Perspective on Terrorism focus on

1) the shifting content and style of two prominent extremist magazines (Dabiq and Rumiyah);

2) managing non-state threats, specifically by relying on cumulative deterrence-by-denial;

3) tracking radical opinions in US Muslim polls;

4) gauging the ambiguous effect of population size on the prevalence of terrorism; and

5) reviewing the pioneering, Saudi Arabian-based online counter-radicalization campaign known as ‘Sakinah’.

Download  English (PDF, 172 pages, 3.66 MB)

Author  Peter Wignell, Sabine Tan, Kay L O´Halloran, Rebecca Lange, Veronika Fajmonov√°, Sophia Moskalenko, Clark McCauley, James M Lutz, Brenda J Lutz, Abdullah bin Khaled al–Saud, Judith Tinnes, Berto Jongman, Parmida Esmaeilpour, Alex P Schmid, Joshua Sinai (Editor: Alex P. Schmid)SeriesPerspectives on Terrorism (PT)Issue2

Publisher Terrorism Research Initiative (TRI)Copyright© 2017 Terrorism Research Initiative (TRI)

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