June 16, 2017

Baloch Movement: Punjabi characters planted by ISI in 1970s

Punjabi characters planted by ISI in 1970's betrayed Baloch freedom movement in the past.

By: Waris Baloch

These are some images of  highly educated  punjabi elite, who withdrawn their luxury lives and joined Baloch freedom struggle on the rigid mountains of Balochistan.

They won the heats and minds of Baloch people. None thought to speak against them because they were freedom fighters at that time but actually they were ISI agents in the shape, well wishers of Balochistan.

If someone at that time think of raising question about their insentives he/she was termed as traitor because these Panjabis were the frontline fighters on the mountains.

Even Nawab Khair Bakhsh Marri didn't recognize their double game. It is quite possible that Mir Hazar Marri knew about their hidden agenda's because also betrayed Baloch movement and now serving Pakistan ISi and its army ruthless military offensives in Balochistan.

Who these Punjabis won the trust of Baloch leadership and people?

They took part in armed activities, they wrote articles, columns and published magazines and tabloids.

They successfully penetrated into Baloch freedom ranks, they learned Baloch language fluently, they adopted Baloch culture, tradition, Baloch name, and won the hearts and minds of not only Baloch leadership but also Baloch ordinary men.

They landed from United Kingdom to Balochistan soon after completing their graduations. Baloch leadership thought they are very good speakers, writers and of courser experienced guerrilla fighters, they taught modern techniques of guerrilla warfare to Baloch freedom fighters.

After a decade of knowing each and everything (weakness, strengths of Baloch liberation struggle) they escaped from Balochistan and went straight to Islamabad, Rawalpindi in GHQ.

Believing them Baloch faced heavy loses, their struggle was deceived by these Punjabis. Today all of them are in top positions in Pakistan.

Some of those characters and their role of past and now

1: Ahmed Rasheed, was a fighter and well writer after deceiving Baloch liberation struggle he become an author of Pakistan, an editor in english medium newspaper called DailyTimes.

2: Asad Rehman: He was also a very experienced shooter, a guerrilla of Baloch movement during 1970's but fulfilling ISI's task he also become a news editor , defense expert of Pakistan.

3: Najam Sethi: He was given the duty to publish news, article on his magazine during 1970's. He was arrested twice but was later released by the Pakistani authorities.

Mr.Najam Sethi is now the Chairman of Pakistan Cricket Board (head ofPCB). He also runs a TV show called Appas Ki Bath in urdu medium Pakistani TV channel, GeoNews.

Moral of the story: Baloch nation always welcomed the support of people from all sphere of live and from all nationalities. We are secular people and struggling for  free democratic Balochistan.

Tarek Fateh or anyone else, can speak on behalf of Baloch but can't decide the fate of Baloch nation. Some Indian channels consider Tarek Fateh as a Baloch which is not correct. We don't know the motives behind his extraordinary tone of speaking against Pakistan.

Question comes in mind that, if Punjabis in the past couldn't stand with Baloch liberation struggle who played very bold role by targeting Pakistan army on battle grounds alongside​ Baloch freedom fighters. How come another Punjabi origin Tarek Fateh can be trusted who only speaks on TV talk shows, abuses Pakistan, favors India and Balochistan?

News suggesting that some people have been arrested were planning to murder Tarek Fateh. Now question is why Pakistan can kill its own asset? We consider this is also a part of Pakistan ISI's plan, just to make people fool that Pakistan wants to eliminate Tarek Fateh because he abuses Pakistan and supporting Balochistan cause. Pakistan is trying to portray Tarek Fateh a harmful personality so people of India will not doubt his hidden agenda. Spreading the news of targeting Tarek Fateh obviously is the deliberate effort of Pakistan to disperse the doubts about his double game.

Further reading about Najam Sethi: >>>

Further reading about Asad Rehman: >>>

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