June 20, 2017

BALOCHISTAN: Muneer Mengal intervention at UNHRC, Item 9

Muneer Mengal intervention : UNHRC Item 9 General Debate

Muneer Mengal, Head of Baloch Voice Association

Africa Culture Internationale
ACI - Human Rights
Item 9 General Debate

Mr. President,

My NGO expresses serious concerns that the islamic state of Pakistan has failed to address the rights of persons affected by discrimination based on origin and descent, the discrimination and the degrading practice of “race” the Baloch are facing from thecontroling authorities, affecting more then 10 million people only in Balochistan.

The attack by the FC state security forces on educational institutes, with granades 
killing some students and injuring hundreds including university professors just for celebrating their cultural day is a sign of the Islamic state strategic policy towards the Baloch people.

It subjects millions of religious minorities particularly zikris, to a life without de factoequal rights and opportunities. 
we regret that the people in Balochistan are subjected to biased judiciary system, 
situation of impunity, systematic use of force, and lack of political will to eliminate this form of discrimination has allivated the situation to the slow motion genocide of the Baloch people.

On one side the state purposefully facilitated the ex-chief of Taliban Mullah Mansoor,and the head of Jamate Dawa Hafiz Saeed, roaming inside Balochistan preaching hate speechs and threatening the local secular people. Also  using the religious terrorist orgizations against the Baloch Nationalist force who are struggling against annexation of their land to an islamic state without their consent. On the otherside the attacks on the Baloch females to keep them away from eductation, threatening the western style coeducation institutes and killing of Mr. Zahid Baloch only for running a co-education institute in Gawadar needs the intervention of this high estemed council and UN bodies.

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