June 23, 2017

Hind Baloch Forum : A New ray of hope for Baloch Movement- Baloch Diaspora France

Dr.Ali Akbar Mengal President Baloch Diaspora France ,France June 23m 2017.

Balochistan is facing worst kind of human rights violations by Pakistani and Chinese Government.

Local and international media is completely banned from reporting of human rights violations in Balochistan specially the areas where China Pakistan economic corridor CPEC  is under construction .According to reports by human rights organizations currently more then 25000 baloch people are missing. Pakistani forces are doing slow and systematic genocide of Baloch people to clear way for sustainability of Chinese Economic and naval bases in Gawader Balochistan.

China Silk route which encircles whole Europe and African states connected to china and central Asian states get connected through gawader to china. Pakistani and Chinese governments joined hands together to design extermination and elimination policy for native Baloch People who are resisting this Chinese economic imperialism designs. All sources of livelihood are destroyed by Pakistani military as policy to compel Baloch native to migrate from their land and these lands are given to Chinese government for establishment of naval bases at strategic areas of gawader District of Balochistan.

At this critical moment where Balochistan and Baloch people are bleeding through barbaric policies of Pakistani military force every day Baloch people are receiving 7 to 8 tortured dead bodies of their loved ones who were kidnaped in day light by Pakistani forces. The establishment of Hind Baloch Forum is considered as a ray of hope for Baloch movement where people of India are standing to fulfill their moral obligation as regional power and also secular, civilized and responsible nation. Baloch Diaspora France will coordinate with Hind Baloch Forum for collective cause to raise voice for Baloch people against human rights violations in Balochistan at all International forums.

Dr Ali Akbar mengal 
Baloch Diaspora france
Tel:   0033753507747


Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

Please if required any help for freedom Baluch I am ready.
Naresh Niranjan uttarpradesh,india.