June 28, 2017

Indian Railways: Tickets in regional language

Today, (28th June 2017)in our Passenger Amenities Committee Meeting of Indian Railways, I proposed a new policy initiative.  If you book a railway ticket, you will only see the details of journey either in Devnagiri or English.  I proposed that the regional languages should also be made available on the ticket.  There was a huge resistance from the officers.  They said it is not feasible.  I asked them "if a passenger does not know Devanagiri or English, and knows only his mother tongue, how will he know whether the Booking Clerk has issued the right ticket or wrong ticket?" 

Then the Railway Board officers said that the software has to be rewritten; and it is not possible by railway team.  I said "in this Digital India era, if Indian Railways can not rewrite a software, then I will get it written by software engineers and donate it to my former employer".  After an hour of arguments and counter-arguments, they AGREED that they will rewrite the software. 

After six months, example if you take a ticket at a counter somewhere in Punjab, you will see the details in Gurmukhi also in addition to Devnagiri (Hindi ) and English. 

If you take ticket somewhere in Odisha, you will find the travel details in Odiya also. Like this, you will find the details of travel in one of the regional languages given in the Constitution besides Devnagiri & English.

A great achievement indeed on its completion.  You know, nobody in my Committee supported me.  They were mere spectators; and I all alone argued with my own former colleagues.

However, as Dr. Subramanian Swamy's disciple, I feel proud that I could do something worthy as Member of PAC, for which I was nominated by him.

- *Asheervatham Achary*
Gen Sec,
Virat Hindustan Sangam(VHS) www.vhsindia.org

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