June 11, 2017

ISIS in Pakistan: Four-pronged approach to deal


If Pakistan is really serious about defeating ISIS and putting an end to other religious terrorist groups – and having the world take it seriously – it should consider a four-pronged approach.

First, it must actually enforce the ban on identified terrorist groups, which has been in existence for four years.

Second, it must target and eliminate the recruiting tactics of terrorist groups, which start with radical clerics preaching hatred to a naïve citizenry.

Third, it must stop foreign funding of terrorist networks.

And fourth, it must put a stop to those serving and retired military officers who volunteer to “train fighters of ISIS and other like-minded organizations” in West Asia. Because of such training sessions,“it has not been a surprise that almost all recent attacks by ISIS-affiliated ‘lone wolves’ have had a Pakistan connection.”

So far Pakistan has not seriously addressed any of these critical tasks. Small wonder, then, that Islamic State has managed to secure a foothold in the country. 

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