June 12, 2017

US should support Baloch cause

For Baloch, success of CPEC is sucide, and a Geostrategic victory for China. China will gain foothold in strategic Gwadar port in Indian Ocean which will have immense value than the energy projects in Pakistan. Regional security challenges will compound further. Only sensible solution is to detach Balochstan within a period of 5 to 10 years. However,  to attain this insurmountable objective all Baloch groups should unite for a collective cause and make a strong case before world. US should play a key role in this regard by Supporting Baloch in UN HRC and  call Baloch leaders for Congressional hearing. 

There are many challenges for Baloch leadership to galvanize international support.

✔ Weak and inarticulate leadership that do not talk beyond Human rights violations. They should start articulating and briefing world leaders and think tanks about Geostrategic implications of China in Gwadhar and in particular Indian ocean. The raise of Chinese Maritime Power and implications to regional powers need to be focused.

✔ Tribal heads(Sardars) dominate the resistance groups and also pakistan Political landscape.

✔These Sardars are unpredictable and double faced hypocrites.

✔ Middle Class educated leaders are pushed aside and often discouraged to form their own Organizations. As of now only one group (BNM) is headed by middle class educated men with resistance group (BLF) by Dr.Allah Nazar.

✔With the discovery of new gas and coal reserves in Marri area , Pakistan and China are planning to start drilling soon.

✔ Unless Baloch groups are extended Support from US there is no hope. US should take proactive role from now on. One of the crown Jewel of Belt and Road initiative is Gwadhar port, only Baloch can undo this.

✔ US should start interacting with all groups to understand gravity of situation.

It's time for Baloch groups to campaign in US and lobby in Washington DC by hiring a top Lobbying firm. Baloch groups should actively seek help from Diaspora in gulf.

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