July 19, 2017

Canadian Military Journal Issue 17, No. 3

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Jul 2017

This issue of the Canadian Military Journal focuses on 1) Russia’s employment of hybrid warfare; 2) the ideology used by North Korea’s ruling regime to legitimize its rule and possession of nuclear weapons; 3) child suicide bombers in Afghanistan; 4) the evolution of high energy laser weapon systems; 5) the relationship between environmental sustainability, ethics and war; 6) Carl von Clausewitz's view on the war, strategy and victory; and 7) the role of language in preserving and perpetuating sexual misconduct in the Canadian Armed Forces. The edition also includes three book reviews.

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Author  Andrew J Duncan, Tony Balasevicius, Patrick Chartrand, Frédéric Harvey, Étienne Tremblay, Éric Ouellet, Andrew Fraser, Dominik Pudo, Jake Galuga, Peter Denton, Bill Bentley, Gerson Flor (Editor: David L Bashow)

Series  Canadian Military Journal (CMJ)Issue3

Publisher Canadian Military Journal (CMJ)

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