July 26, 2017

Demand " Internal Democracy" from all Baloch Groups


Source: Baloch Youth Network

Internal democracy which means that people who lead parties must be elected democratically within their parties. All groups aspiring to manage and direct public affairs shall have internal democracy.

The world is rapidly changing with technology, communication, innovation, global best practices, and Baloch people  as a part of the global community cannot afford to lag behind.

If one start comparing Baloch political  parties we often see Sardars are  the sole head till they pass on the baton to next generation. Common Baloch, whether or not they are aware of the fact that  political parties’ should have internal democracy is debatable.

The concept of internal democracy operates on the premise of due process, fair play, equity and good conscience in the discharge of duties and obligations to organizations, groups or the society at large. In modern societies, the application of the concept of internal democracy in the conduct of the business of political parties,  is inviolable and, therefore, sacrosanct.

It is very important that parties must have internal democracy which means that people who lead parties must be elected democratically within their parties. All groups aspiring to manage and direct public affairs shall have internal democracy.

All major Baloch Political groups are formed by Sardars and headed by them. This is a fact known to all in Balochistan, whether the group is overground or underground. Majority of workers are from poor and middle class youth who toil for the party. However, all groups lack proper internal democracy. Only Sardars and their sons remain as head of the group for life, and next level of leaders are changed as musical chairs as per whims and wishes of Sardars. Sardars do not conform to democratic principles in their internal organization and practice, they will remain head of the party despite of any party Constitution. This is the tragedy of Baloch people who do not get due share is decision making process and agenda setting.

Lack of internal democracy cause divisions not only within the group but the Baloch nation as a whole. An organized group of people with a manifesto/agenda which they sell to the people and as a result of which people invest faith and join group and work, should be Democratic rather than autocratic and family affairs.

When Baloch political groups are democratic and stable, so will the Baloch Nation. Therefore, the culture of free and fair elections must be entrenched within the  Baloch groups and parties. A group or party  that cannot have internal democracy cannot lead the Baloch Movement democratically because you cannot give what you do not have. Same logic applies in free and Independent Baloch nation.Internal democracy within political parties and organisation is important requisite for national democracy, stability and Development.

Some of the consequences of not having internal democracy are, as a research report said – It is very difficult to remove party leaders; there is little discussion or consultation with ordinary members when setting the party agenda; young politicians find it difficult to climbthe ranks, and the influence of family connections remains powerful.
Absence of internal democracy in the affairs of political parties robs the society of competent, diligent and transparent leadership as products of unjust and undemocratic leaders can only give what they have.

Democracy, like charity, should begin at home and political parties ought to have imbibed the concept of democracy internally and not through the back door. 
We common Baloch people should start noiseless,  “Silent revolution”, to accomplish our objective of shaking and dismantling this status quo. Below are few steps to be taken by all freedom loving Baloch people.

🔷 Do not think from your tribe perspective, instead think as a Baloch. Change your mindset.

🔷 Do not join and support Groups and Parties headed by Sardars.

🔷Do not Join or support any groups which does not have a Constitution and inner democracy ,compliance.

🔷 Do not Vote for Sardars  and their party Representatives in elections.

🔷 Do not attend any meetings called by Sardars

🔷 Do not Donate funds to Sardar Groups.

🔷 Support and encourage poor and middle class educated leaders or youth in  forming political groups, discussion clubs that has internal democracy. Donate generously to such groups and leaders.

🔷 Build network of youth around the world and encourage them to get trained and develop leadership skills. 

Baloch people should start Dialogue on Political Parties and groups’ Internal Democracy. Ultimate goal of Baloch common people and leaders should be to take control of Baloch leadership from corrupt Sardars.The central theme of the dialogue should be internal democracy, accountability and compliance to Constitution of party. This will start political parties’ intra-party democratic processes, internal systems and practices for the betterment of Baloch society.

Finally we Baloch should learn something  from India.  

Internal democracy in any party is important. It is because of this that in the BJP a tea seller became the Prime Minister.”

Political parties without internal democracy and principals cannot govern the country and the states in the right manner..

“Political parties who do not have internal democracy can never contribute towards making democracy stronger in the country.”

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