July 04, 2017

When and How First Israel Visas from Delhi were issued ?

Did you Know?
When & how first Israel Visas from Delhi were issued ?

Although India recognised Israel in 1950, there was No full Diplomatic ties between India & Israel expect a Consulate in Mumbai.

Full diplomatic relations was established only in 1992 by PM PV Narishima Rao.

Dr SUBRAMANIAN SWAMY was always for open cooperation and ties with Israel. He wanted Always full fledged relations with Israel in our National interest. He went to Israel in early 1980s.

Before grant of FULL diplomatic Ties between Israel & India with Israel Embassy in Delhi the visas were issued from then Bombay only.

The First Israel Visas from Delhi for Visiting Journalists from Delhi to Israel in the early 1980s were issued from the Offical residence of Dr SUBRAMANIAN SWAMY MP in New Delhi by hoisting the Israel flag atop his residence. !
Temporary token visa office setup with the Consul General from Mumbai coming to Delhi !!

Such was the situation then. The Congress Govt was always under pressure from Arab countries and the INDIAN MUSLIMS not to have full diplomatic relations with Israel. Strange !

Israel always supported us in all International Forums and helped India with crucial intelligence on Terrorism!

During the Gaza War of 2014 , the only country in the entire world where a Public Meeting was held in Support of Israel was in Mumbai India, organised by Indo-Israel Friendship Association at Veer Savarkar Auditorium, Shivaji Park, Dadar, Mumbai on Sun 3rd Aug 2014. The meeting held under heavy security & the crowd turnout was 3 times the capacity of the Auditorium & doors had to be closed and TV screens installed for the Crowd outside and the star speakers was Dr SUBRAMANIAN SWAMY & the acting Consul General of Israel in Mumbai.

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