August 07, 2017

Balochistan: Join hands to dismantle Sardari System and Sardars hold on people

Source: Baloch Youth Network

Chief Minister Balochistan, Nawab Sanaullah Khan Zehri has said that traditions such as brotherhood, tolerance, hospitality and respect for each other were the identity of our province. “Keeping all these traditions alive and intact is our joint responsibility,” he added.

Chief Minister Balochistan expressed these views during a traditional ceremony of nomination of newly designated Sardar (Chief) of Jattak Baloch tribe, Sardar Ali Muhammad Jattak.

Nawab Zehri said that being Chief of Jhalwan was more important for him as compared to the slot of Chief Ministership. “Today I am so glad that we are promoting the centuries old tradition which dates back from the period of Khan Naseer Khan Noori,” he remarked.

“Such steps help avoid disputes,” he added. He said that God had made tribes so that we could identity each other’s thus we should intact our traditions and values through promoting love, brotherhood and tolerance in our society.

The Sardari system is a tool to oppress people and keep them underprivileged, denying education, social and economic development. In this system only Sardars will enrich themselves at the cost of people’s underdevelopment and ignorance .

The Government promote this system for it’s benefits as majority of people will be under Sardars and dealing with them is easy. In the 21st century Baloch people should rethink whether to support this Sardars and Sardari system. Our poets already cautioned us about corrupt influence of Sardars  on people. 

 For Tribal elite- Sardars,  anything is moral that serves the interests of their class. They don’t hesitate to join hands to crush Baloch  commons and their leaders. Sardars problem is that, due to their upbringing by their  parents, like conservatives, they  know and see the past much better than the future. Or, more accurately,  they see the future as a continuation of the past.

Their arrogance, thoughtlessness and irresponsible behaviour of Sardars is rocking the very  foundations of Baloch society, bringing it to point of inevitable collapse.

It is time to start building a new Balochistan and new Baloch by the baloch for the baloch . And this is where a vision of the future appears to be much more important than an understanding of the past. We the Baloch youth should join hands to collectively dismantle the Sardari system and iron grip of Sardars on out public affairs.

The below poem will be inspirational for youth to get motivated.


Today, the world is changing fast 

Socialism’s charm is in full swing 

Sindh’s Wadera, with a bank balance of millions 

Is telling Lenin how socialism should be 

Punjab’s rich and pompous Chaudary 

Is twisting and twining socialism 

Khan Sahib (of The Pashtuns), whose pockets are full of cash 

Is (pretending to be) trembling in agony [like the strings of a violin] 

On the pain of the proletariat 

Mir Sahib (of the Balochs) is looting the impoverished Baloch farmers (not the big landlords) 

On pretext of enacting land reforms (like Mao) 

Even as I am uttering these words 

The fire burning in my heart is barbecuing it 

The dacoit has donned the mendicant’s garments 

The murderer’s thoughts are of earning rewards from God 

The defendant wants to be the judge 

Thieving pigs desire to be compared to friends of the Prophet 

The wolf yearns to be made the shepherd of the sheep 

The cat dreams of getting pieces of fresh meat 

The mouse is craving for flour 

The jackal is impatient to get its hands on the hen 

The rich and powerful are asleep 

The black snake (the bourgeoisie) is burning 

The bosses’ brains are located in their heels 

The ship of their thoughts is sailing towards a mirage

These Mirs and Waderas fail to realize 

That imperialism is about to leave (its foot is in the stirrup) 

The poor labourers and farmers 

Have their loins girded, and are ready for a revolution 

The age of flattery has gone 

Now things will happen as they do in the books 

The public have become their own masters 
The bubble of the aristocrats is about to burst 

Take a look at the tides of change 

Nasir is moving forward with the red flag

by Mir Gul Khan Nasir

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