August 14, 2017

Chinese Military Toppling Jinping? Is PLA Plotting Coup?

Though this news has nothing to do with Doklam military standoff between Indian and China; the news, if it really possess even faction of truth, then it has potential to shake word politics and economy in a single stroke. Since Xi Jinping's reached at the helm of Chinese leadership in March 2013, there are rumors of coup against him. But all news died the natural death lacking any substantial proof and secured no space in media circle. But his time the news came out with minute details with persons involved in the affairs and many in Delhi media circle have personally confirmed the happenings.

The whole set of chain of incidences set in motion in May last week when two Chinese businessmen arrived in New Delhi separately on business assignments as per their Visa details. They were supposed to meet CII and FICCI officials to discuss investment options in Karnataka and Haryana. Both businessmen arrived on different dates and through different routes. But reached at same 7- Star Hotel in India's nationa capital within just 12 hours gap. They had suits booked in the name of Indian citizens but their suits were adjacent to each other. 

After arriving in New Delhi, they didn't tried to meet CII or FICCI officials, neither they sought appointment of any business personality or anyone from corparate circles. Then what did they do in New Delhi?

Interestingly one businessman booked SUV through hotel staff and went to 2 star hotel in South Delhi where he met Captain Marco Terrinoni, Italian defense attaché in New Delhi. Both had lunch together and they were together for about 3 hours. Later Chinese businessman left the hotel and Itlaian defense attache checked out of hotel only to check in to another hotel nearby. This time Italian man booked 3 Star hotel and another Chinese businessman arrived in that hotel by 5.00 pm. Both had dinner together and Chinese businessman left the hotel by 11.30 pm. Immediately Italian defense attache checked out the hotel and reached Italian Embassy.

Next day Captain Terrinoni met both Chinese businessmen together at hotel suit booked by Italian man on business trip in India. The whole cycle of meetings continued for 5 days and Italian Captain Terrinoni met both Chinese businessmen for hours in total 9 sessions; sometimes both Chinese were at meeting and sometimes one by one. 

As a result of repeated meetings between Italian defense attache and Chinese businessmen, RAW agents got activated on third day and started following them, only to get shocked! the RAW came to know that both travelling Chinese businessmen were acting as interlocutor for top Chinese Army commanders i.e.PLA commanders.

On last day of the meeting Captain Terrinoni arranged their meeting with US defense attache in New Delhi Brigadier David E Brigham. But it is still couldn't be confirmed whether Brig. Brigham personally met Chinese or his trusted aid in embassy had dialogue with Chinese businessmen.

The whole exercise, as per RAW report filed to RAW secretory in PMO is solely aimed at judging US reaction to possible military coup against Xi Jinping by PLA commanders. During their meeting, Chinese were repeatedly asking US defense attache, whether Trump admistration would acknowledge new Chinese government where military commander would be head of the state replacing Communist Party leader; sources privy to the issue said in New Delhi.

RAW officers are not in a position to guess whether Communists Party leaders are with PLA commanders in coup attempt or not.

The incidence are bound to raise many serious questions in diplomatic and media circles, 

1) Why they choose New Delhi for meeting US defense attache? 

2) Whether Indian Government had knowledge about this meeting?

3) Whether Indian Government arranged this meeting?

4) Diplomatic fallouts of this meeting on India- China relations,

5) Whether Doklam Standoff was started by China to intimidate India after it came to know about this meetings in New Delhi?

6) Whether these meetings were jointly organised by Trump- Modi with tacit understanding?

We have to wait for answers to these questions till next Wikileaks Revealations!

One thing is very much clear Doklam Standoff is not isolated incidence but it has totally different background than to squatting attempt by China, as painted in media....

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