September 13, 2017

Dr.Wahid Baloch thanked India for raising Balochistan at UN

Dr.Wahid Baloch

India has raised plight of Baloch people and brutal repression  by Pakistan in Balochistan during United Nations Human Rights counsel at Geneva . India said "blatant abuse and violation of human rights in the Pakistan Occupied Kashmir and in other parts of Pakistan, including Balochistan that is adversely impacting the stability of the entire region".

India stated this during Right of Reply in response to the Statement by Pakistan under the Agenda Item 4. Hilighting brave struggle of Baloch people Indian representative said "The people of Balochistan, amongst other provinces, have been waging for decades a bitter and brave struggle against their daily abuse and torture.". On Enfirced Disappearance , India said "Various international organizations have documented how enforced disappearances continue with impunity, particularly in Balochistan".

Dr.Wahid Baloch, US based Baloch activist thanked India for raising Baluch issue , He said "We thank India for speaking up for Balochistan. It is time to challenge the illegal and unjust occupation of Balochistan by Pakistan in the international court of justice and other international bodies."

He further said, "UN should appoint special commission to investigate enforced disappeareaces and mass graves that are reported in the media. The Pakistani Establishment is trying it's Best to cover up".

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