October 27, 2017

Modi and his brothers

1. Somabhai Modi (75), retired from the post of an inspector in public health department. Today, he lives in a small house in Vadnagar

2. Amrutbhai Modi (72), retired as a factory worker in 2005. At that time, he was drawing a salary of mere Rs 10,000 per month. Today, he lives in a small apartment in Ahmedabad with his son and daughter-in-law.

3. Prahlad Modi (64), runs a ration shop and is somehow able to make his ends meet.

4. Pankaj Modi (58), is an employee in Information department of Gujarat government. He is relatively well placed, and owns a decent 3-bedroom apartment in Gandhinagar.

Do you know who the people mentioned above are? They are OWN brothers of India's Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi. Except one, the brothers of our Prime Minister do not own a car, have not traveled in an aeroplane and belong to the lower middle class. All this, despite the brother being the Chief Minister of the state for 12 years and then the Prime Minister of India already for the last 3 years.
Now, have a look at other Modis. They are the FIRST COUSINS of Prime Minister Modi - i.e. sons of Narendra Modi's own uncle (Narsinhdas Modi was brother of Damodardas Modi).

5. Bhogilal Modi (67) runs a grocery shop.

6. Arvind Modi (64) works as a scrap dealer.

7. Bharatbhai Modi (55) is an attendant at Petrol Pump and fills petrol in vehicles (He is NOT the owner, just an attendant). His salary is a meagre Rs 6000 per month and it is difficult for him to live even a comfortable life. His wife sells fruits, vegetables and home-made food items to earn another Rs 3000 a month.

8. Ashok Modi (51) sells kite and snacks from a 8ft x 4 ft shop on the roadside with a tin roof! He earns about Rs 5000 per month. His wife is a helper at a food outlet and does menial jobs to earn another Rs 3000 per month.
Today, even if someone becomes an MLA (leave aside MP or Minister), his/her brothers, cousins and whole families get jobs, business, contracts of their choice. Their income increases manifolds just within years. Here is a family, whose brother has been the Chief Minister of Gujarat for 12 years at a stretch and the Prime Minister of India since last 3 years. They are still struggling to live a decent life. Narendra Modi has not passed on any form of undue benefit to even his own family.

His mother travels in an autorickshaw to banks, temples, hospitals and for vote.

Now, contrast it with the family of India's first prime minister, Jawaharlal Nehru. Look at the status of every son, daughter, son-in-law, daughter-in-law of the family. The whole country knows about them and their deeds.

But did you know about Bhaais and Bhatijaas of PM Modi?

If you doubt the authenticity, here is the India Today report :

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