October 08, 2017

Public Diplomacy Handbook


The handbook provides a theoretical foundation and practical tools to construct a successful public diplomacy campaign in the context of Asia-Europe relations. Each chapter combines theories on a relevant topic with useful information obtained from the authors’ hands-on experience. The accompanying interviews with high-profile professionals provide insightful knowledge on the role of public diplomacy in enhancing Asia-Europe cooperation.

Chapter 1: Public Diplomacy, Concepts and Methods

Chapter 2: The Changing Face of Asia-Europe Relations

Chapter 3: Images and Perceptions in Public Diplomacy

Chapter 4: How to Work with Media Content

Chapter 5: How to Work with Public Opinion

Chapter 6: How to Use Digital Tools and Social Media

Chapter 7: How to Interact with Stakeholders (Advocacy)

Chapter 8: How to Manage a Public Diplomacy Campaign and Public Affairs


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