October 01, 2017

Rohingyas , the facts that have emerged

Rohingyas , the facts that have emerged :
1. One of the most violent muslims in South east Asia.

2. Have commited mass murders of Buddhists and Hindus in a bid to take over Rakhine and other provinces in Myanmar.

3. Recent Mass graves of hindus created by Rohingyas discovered by Myanmar Army.

4. Rohingya camps have Adult to children ratio of upto 1:10. Population time bomb awaiting to the host country.

5. Rohingya camps have unearthed kids as young as 9 married and pregnant. Husbands as old as 60s.

6. One case is that of a 14 year old, already has 2 kids and expecting the third. Husband is 54 year old.She is his 3rd wife.

7. Another is that of a child who is 10 years and expecting a child, husband is 49 years old.

8. Out of 40000 known refugees in India, around 8000 women (including many married children) are pregnant.

Thank you lawyers
                  Prashant Bhushan,
                  Fali Nariman,
                  Kapil  Sibal
                  Rajiv Dhavan
                  Ashwini kumar
                  Colin Gonsalves
in getting these lowest of the low life scums imported into this country. How did the poor, malnourished, persecuted refugees could engage lawyers like you all who charge around 10 - 30 lakhs an hour is a puzzle to me though ??

And Congratulations to Indian hindus on the arrrival of new set of enemies to your country. This one is way more ferocious and dangerous than the others you already have. The fact that none of you even bothered to get on to the streets to protest and support the goverment tells me that somewhere u lazy idiots deserve the mess you are going to get into in the future with these hardened terrorists.


hari guin said...

It is shocking that lawyers mentioned herein are known to public only because of their antinational activities or else their percentage of winning cases in supreme court or high courts are below 30%.They are not at all a good lawyers but known to political lobbies because of their bootlicking characters. I am a lawyer and practising since last more than 2 decades and I know their in and out. So these bastards are pampered only by corrupt judges and not by byvregular judges.

Raghvendhra H N said...

Sure in India bootlicking Hindus are the predominant say both in voting turn out and political leadership .I think these lawers , secular lobbies., Arabic funding., Muslim terrorists all these have direct link with most dominating Indian media. The politics in the name of corruption, poverty, humanity etc are paying rich benefits to them. God save India.