December 25, 2017

Congress moles in BJP?

We received this message from Social media.

It appears some vested interests led by some Cong Moles in our BJP party are spreading disinformation in Media and Social Media against Dr Swamy !

They are led by #SHAKUNI / Jai Italy gang and want to create misunderstandings !

Dr Swamy has always been all for PM Narendra Bhai & wants BJP to rule for more decades to implement all our Hindutva Agenda and for Economic Reforms.

Expressing some factual opinion and views are not being anti-PM or BJP but it suits paid vested interests to create these hurdles and paint Dr Swamy in poor light so that their nefarious activities can go on unnoticed.

*Please be vigilant and express your views on the Social Media against the vested interests led by  #SHAKUNI*

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