January 12, 2018

Balochistan National Congress strongly condemns the killing of Mohammad Baksh Jagoo

Balochistan National Congress strongly condemns the killing of Mohammad Baksh Jagoo.

January 11, 2018

Washington DC- Mohammad Bakhsh aka Juagoo, the Tiger of Mekran, is no more. He was killed by BRA terrorists the other day in Mekran, Balochistan.

Balochistan National Congress (BNC) strongly condemn the killing of Jagoo Baloch by BRA and BLF Terrorists. If they think by acting as the Judge, Jury and Executioner, they can kill the political opponents and innocent Baloch citizens who don't agree with their militancy and terrorism and they can liberate Balochistan, they are seriously mistaken, extremely wrong and misguided and are living in fools paradise.

Jagoo was a great son of soil. He lost his entire family fighting the Punjabi occupying forces in Mekran. It is shame that BRA and BLF trying to justify their terrorism by throwing dirt on Jagoo’s dead body in the name of liberation movement. This shows how ugly and disgusting one can be. All the allegations labeled against him by BRA or BLA are totally baseless.

When someone don't agree with their violence and terrorism and their killing of innocent people, they call him a drug addict and Paki agent and then kill him to justify their terrorist acts in the name of liberation movement. Totally disgusting and utter sickening that it can be to call a great hero with such shameful allegations to justify their terrorist act and murder.

Who was Jagoo?

Jagoo was an ordinary poor Baloch who grew up in Kech Mekran. When the 5th war of independence started between Pokistan and Baloch freedom fighters Jagoo joined BLF and then BRA but after disagreeing with their militancy and terrorism and killing of innocent Baloch citizens, he parted from them and created his own group the Balochistan National Liberation Front (BNLF).

Jagoo belonged to a new breed of Baloch guerilla fighters: those beyond anyone’s control. For the first time in Balochistan’s history, the nationalist movement is not being controlled by tribal chiefs any more.

The Baloch have fought five wars against Pakistan security forces since Balochistan’s forcible annexation in March 1948. But the previous four insurgencies had been fought in the isolated tribal areas of eastern Balochistan. “Previously, the insurgencies were led by tribal elders. Tribesmen would pick up arms at the behest of their sardars (chiefs) and lay them down when sardar said so. But this time leadership rests with an educated middle class whose participation is based on ideological grounds, and not tribal allegiance,” said a Baloch writer on condition of anonymity.

Pakistani officials have repeatedly claimed that only a handful of sardars were stirring unrest in Balochistan. However, massive political gatherings and active participation of the educated youth in the urban centers tell another story. “This time Makran region is on the forefront and that changes everything. Tribalism died long ago in Makran, and the participation of Makran’s people in the armed struggle is not because of tribal allegiance but nationalistic sentiments,” said the writer.

Jagoo has perhaps suffered more personal losses than any other nationalist leader. On May 22, 2011, paramilitary personnel raided Jagoo’s family compound in Nasarabad and whisked away his younger brother Khalid alias Tailor, elder brother Ghulam Qadir Baloch and nephew Mazar Baloch. Next day, on May 23, the bullet-riddled body of Khalid was found dumped in Murghap (It is a hilly picnic point near Turbat city. The place has got the status of a national monument for Baloch political activists because of repeated dumping of kill-and-dump victims at this place. The body of the first victim of kill-and-dump, Ghulam Mohammed Baloch, was also found there in April 2009). A letter had been left in his pocket, warning Jagoo to surrender or else his other brother and nephew in custody would be killed in the same manner.

On December 27, 2011, the body of Ghulam Qadir was found dumped on a roadside in the coastal city of Pasni. He had been a schoolteacher in his hometown of Nasarabad. Jagoo’s nephew, Mazar Baloch, is still missing. On July 7, 2011, FC forces picked up Jagoo’s other brother, Noor Bakhsh, in another raid on his house. Noor Bakhsh’s body was found dumped on July 14 in Kech’s Meeri village. He had been a driver at a government hospital in his hometown. Noor’s 10-year-old daughter committed suicide after hanging herself with her scarf on April 5, 2013. She had been terrified by consistent raids on their house and killings of family members. When Jagoo’s 22-year-old daughter saw her cousin hanging, she died of cardiac arrest. On December 15, 2011, Jagoo’s son Beebagr Baloch and nephew Shayhaq Baloch (Noor Bakhsh’s son) were killed in an ambush with security forces in the Balgatar area.

Despite the personal losses, Jagoo remains undettered.

“They can kill more, but I won’t give up. Even if Allah Nazar and Hairbiyar decide to surrender, I’ll keep on fighting,” said Jagoo.

Fighters like Jagoo are no longer controlled by a handful of Sardars or leaders. They operate in small groups, are ideologically motivated and are hardened by the repressive policies of the FC such as kill and dump. They vow to “fight until either Balochistan is liberated” or they die.

The killing of Jagoo and many other such innocent Baloch sons of soil by BRA and other Baloch militants constitute nothing but terrorism and murder. Surely, it will come back and haunt down BRA, BLF, BLA, UBA and all such other terrorists group big time who are busy in killing the innocent people in the name of liberation movement in Balochistan.


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