January 07, 2018

Global Trends to 2035: Geo-politics and International Power

Jan 2018

What economic, societal and political global factors will shape the world up to 2035? This publication responds by looks at eight plausible candidates, including the world’s aging population; weakening enthusiasm for globalization; continued industrial and technological revolution; climate change and resource competition; shifting power relations; new areas of state competition; information age politics; and ecological threats. The text also outlines four possible scenarios on the future of European and global stability as well as what policy options the EU could consider to help it navigate the next two decades.

Download English (PDF, 116 pages, 2.52 MB)
Author Oxford Analytica

Publisher European Parliament

Excerpt from above report 

 _stability does not solve global governance issues like nuclear proliferation or climate change. In fact, nuclear proliferation may become a larger worry; a ‘black swan’ event like a collapse of Pakistani control over its nuclear arsenal is possible in this scenario and even the most well-coordinated efforts by all countries may not be enough to prevent terrorists from detonating a bomb in a major city_

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