February 20, 2018

Jane’s Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Masterclasses

18 December 2017

Jane’s Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Masterclass. Register Now.

Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) is changing rapidly, with the exponential growth in the quantity and variety of publicly available information requiring OSINT analysts and teams to develop new skills, abilities, and knowledge, particularly in collating and analyzing the mass of information.

In a world of increasing misinformation and the weaponisation of open source information, OSINT analysts need to ensure they keep up with the changing environment without leaving themselves vulnerable to surprise and deception.

The Jane’s OSINT Masterclass provides participants with an understanding of the uses, limitations, opportunities and risks associated with the exploitation of open source information by teaching a structured approach that draws on Jane’s OSINT expertise. The Masterclass provides OSINT professionals with a comprehensive set of practical skills covering collection, monitoring, collation, and analysis of open source information, as well as production of effective OSINT reports and briefings.

OSINT Masterclass: Objectives

The OSINT Masterclass provides participants with an understanding of the uses, limitations, opportunities and risks associated with the use of open source information by demonstrating a tried and tested approach to gathering and analysing relevant and useful information. The Masterclass equips analysts and researchers with a structured OSINT workflow and the necessary practical skills to efficiently collect, monitor, collate, and analyse open source information – enabling them to produce high quality OSINT reports and briefings.

Key learning outcomes:

Masterclass participants will be able to:

Adopt a planned approach to conducting OSINT to ensure the outputs address the specific needs of the intended audience;Make the most of open source information research tools to locate, filter, and collect information and data more efficiently and effectively;Assess open source information for reliability, accuracy and potential biases;Search social media platforms and use appropriate social media tools for monitoring and analysing open source information;Derive meaning from disparate pieces of information, while mitigating the potential effect of common analytical pitfalls;Craft effective OSINT reports and briefings.

OSINT Masterclass Training Dates & Location:

24-26 January - Seoul20-22 February - London2–4 May - Canberra7-9 May - Wellington26-28 June - London10-12 July - Singapore9-11 October - Hong Kong23-25 October - London14-16 November - Singapore19-21 November - Mumbai

Pricing (per person)


(Discounts available for group bookings)

Course Delivery

The course is intended to be engaging, interactive, and practitioner-focused, leveraging case studies that are relevant to participants’ professions to explain the uses and limitations of social media as an intelligence source. Participant engagement is encouraged throughout, with regular short exercises and Q+A sessions. Course tutors have extensive professional backgrounds in the development and delivery of open-source information collection, collation, and analysis solutions, and provision of consultancy and thought leadership to customers on how to maximise the use of open source and social media information for investigative and intelligence analysis purposes.


Contact the Jane’s OSINT Training Team

E: Janes@ihsmarkit.com

T: EMEA +44 203 253 2300 APAC +60 42913735 AMER +1 303-858-6400

Please read the OSINT Training Cancellation, Postponement and Substitutions Policy. (PDF, 39 KB)

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