April 16, 2018

Dr. Wahid Baloch: A journey from the BSONA to BNC

Dr. Wahid Baloch: A journey from the BSONA to BNC.

The Baloch Society of North America ( BSO-NA), the first Baloch body, founded in 2004 by Dr. Wahid Baloch in the Washington D.C., aimed to educate the Americans people about the plights of Baloch people in both Pakistani and Iranian occupied Balochistan.

Dr. Wahid Baloch graduated from Bolan Medical College in Quetta in 1990 and in 1992, he immigrated to the United States.

The BSO-NA lobbied the U.S. government to support the independence of Balochistan. In 2012, Dr. Baloch met with U.S Vice President Joe Biden and many other American Congressmen asking their support for an independent Balochistan.

Dr. Baloch had long claimed that the Pakistani state was committing acts of genocide against the Baloch people, and that the government's aim was to plunder the province's vast mineral resources.

In January 2014 he released a letter appealing to the United States and Israel for direct physical intervention and assistance in preventing an alleged "genocide" of Baloch people by the Pakistan’s army.

After the successful conduction of Balochistan Congressional hearing on Capital hill, Pakistan’s Ambassador at that time Ms. Sherry Rehman sent her personal envoy to meet Dr. Baloch in Washington D.C in his office to discuss Balochistan’s issue with him. In that meeting the Envoy asked Dr. Baloch that if he drops his demand for complete independence of Balochistan and work within the framework of Pakistan to secure the Baloch genuine rights, his all genuine demands and reservations will be accepted and addressed.

Dr. Baloch agreed and gave a list of demands, including the removal of the anti-Baloch Pashtun FC from all Balochistan’s cities and towns and replacing them with the jobless angry and frustrated Baloch youth and returning all the Afghan refugees from Balochistan, removing their name from the Balochistan’s voter registration list and Census record, to the envoy and agree to disband BSONA.

After being betrayed by Khan Kalat and friends and supporters, Dr. Baloch desperately disbanded the BSONA, and issued a statement disassociating from the war of Independence for Balochistan, calling it a "war of business” of Khans, Nawabs and Sardars".

Then he formed a new political group  in 2014 as the Baloch Council of North America (BCNA), with emphasis on human rights advocacy and working with all the democratic, secular and nationalist forces in Pakistan to secure the Baloch genuine rights through democratic, nonviolent and peaceful means of struggle, within the federation of Pakistan.

“Baloch Council of North America (BCNA), a non-partisan, non-profit advocacy organization in the United States that seeks to unite all Baloch people and secure Baloch rights, including the right of self-determination, within the Pakistani Federation", he wrote.

BCNA was one of several politically active organizations with roots in the Baloch diaspora, working alongside the  Baloch Unity (BU) in Russia, and the Baloch Voice Foundation in France.

Despite his positive gesture and commitments, the Pakistan’s rulers in Islamabad didn’t move much to do anything to politically address the Balochistan’s conflict and this lead to serious disappointment to Dr. Baloch and many of his sympathizers.

In January 2017, he reorganize his new political group in the US again as the Balochistan National Congress (BNC), focusing on working to free Balochistan from the Pakistan’s illegal and unjust occupation.  He says after Punjabi betrayal after betrayal, there is no more room left to trust the Punjabi corrupt and unjust rulers and that it is clear that they will never honor the genuine Baloch people’s demands and reservations to accommodate them and make them feel as counted citizens of Pakistan.

Dr. Baloch think that for Baloch People of Balochistan there no other option left but to fight for complete independence and now he is asking the Pakistani occupying force to leave Balochistan peacefully without any further bloodshed and violence.

Recently, Dr. Jumma Khan Marri, a Baloch activist in Moscow, after being ignored by India and pro-freedom Diaspora group and their supporters for years, defected from the independence movement and formed the Overseas Pakistani Baloch Unity (OPBU) group in Moscow with the help of Pakistani Embassy to help Pakistan Counter the Pro-freedom Baloch Diaspora groups and bring the ongoing insurgency to an end. He thinks that working within the federation is a better choice for the Baloch people rather than asking for freedom and complete independence, which seems to him impossible as there is no help and support from the international community for the Baloch freedom fighters. He is asking Dr. Baloch and many other Baloch Diaspora activists to join his newly group the OPBU, but many Baloch activists, including Dr. Baloch, are skeptical and they think that the Punjabi corrupt rulers are only there to counter the Balochistan’s movement for freedom and justice and that they are not serious, honest and sincere in a political solution of Balochistan’s conflict peacefully within the federation.

Dr. Baloch, a close friend of Dr. Jumma, told him that he already tried that path but Punjabi rulers didn’t keep their promises and betrayed him and that he doesn’t trust them anymore, but Dr. Jumma insists that he will make sure this time they will listen to the genuine Baloch demands and reservations and address them well without any further delay, finger crossed.



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