April 05, 2018

Key Taliban agent in Pakistan

. Washington post

Key Taliban Agent in Pakistan

An intelligence source in Southwest Asia has identified a Taliban agent in Pakistan with links to Pakistan’s ISI intelligence service.

The facilitator was identified as Mossa Mengal and the source states that he is typical of the covert support being provided indirectly to the terrorists in Afghanistan by Islamabad’s spy service.

Mr. Mengal lives in the Qaziabad area of Nushki, a Pakistani town close to the Afghan border, in an ISI safe house and is protected by a security detail.

“Mossa Mengal is a very important asset of the ISI and he was involved in abduction and killing of pro-freedom Baloch activists,” the source said. “He also does kidnapping for ransom and he pays some of the money which he obtains from ransom to an ISI colonel.”

Mr. Mengal’s support for the Taliban was exposed after an attack on a jihadist residence in Quetta in December 2011.

According to the source, Mr. Mengal’s current residence and operating base is located close to an ISI regional office, and he is considered to be a trusted confident of ISI Col. Omar Jamal.

Col. Jamal is said to be involved in pressuring local small gangs, criminal groups and smugglers who are pressured by the ISI to join Mr. Mengal’s group. Among his main duties for the intelligence service is protecting and supporting Taliban in the Balochistan region along the Afghanistan border.

Mr. Mengal’s activities, including ISI-ordered assassinations in the border region, increased last year after tensions increased between Pakistan and Afghanistan after Islamabad began sealing some parts of the border.

President Trump announced a new strategy last August that calls on Pakistan to take decisive action against Taliban leaders.

Central Command commander Army Gen. Joseph Votel testified to the Senate last month that both leaders and members of the Taliban and the Islamic terrorist Haqqani network “continue to find sanctuary in Pakistan.” Pakistan’s recent anti-terrorist actions “have not yet translated into the definitive actions we require Pakistan to take against Afghan Taliban or Haqqani leader,” he added.

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