June 14, 2018


Above-average salaries at Chinese state TV in London 
China's state TV wants to hire more than 350 journalists in London / BuzzFeed
“Over the next 18 months, up to 300 more producers and journalists will be hired for the station to be based in the suburb of Chiswick. According to one person approached for a role, the salaries are ‘well over’ the average for journalists in London.”

Fishing out the world’s oceans
China’s long-distance fishing fleet reliant on subsidies / Financial Times (paywall)
“The largest subsidies are provided by Japan ($841m) and Spain ($603m), followed by China ($418m), the report said. Apart from those payments, exploited labour and under-reported catches may explain how large vessels can afford to continue fishing in the high seas, it said.”

North Korea: Trump-Kim meeting aftermath 
The biggest winner at the U.S.-North Korea summit: China / New Yorker
“Nobody greeted the news from Singapore with more delight than China. For years, Chinese officials have urged Trump to freeze military exercises in South Korea, which Beijing regards as a threatening gesture in its neighborhood.” In this case, the U.S. eschewed binding negotiations and pledges to improve human rights, “For Trump, the goal, apparently, was the handshake itself.”
U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to brief officials in Beijing on North Korea summit / SCMP
“Pompeo is due to hold talks with senior Chinese officials on the denuclearization process, a final peace settlement for the Korean Peninsula, and possible sanctions relief after months of escalating tension.”
Who won big at the Trump-Kim summit? China / SCMP
“When Trump and Kim wrapped up their history-making summit at a luxury hotel in Singapore by signing what many observers say is ‘no more than a symbolic’ agreement, it reinforced the role of Beijing — Pyongyang’s closest ally and largest trading partner — according to analysts.”
North Korea is a nuclear power. Get used to it. / NYT (paywall)
“Once the reality-show theatrics of the Singapore summit meeting subside, we are left with the reality that North Korea was just recognized as a de facto nuclear weapons power… Mr. Kim has not committed to anything concrete. He is not surrendering North Korea’s nuclear weapons.”
The unexpected winner from the Trump-Kim summit: China / WSJ (paywall)
“China is setting its sights on a key role in North Korea’s future, seeking to be part of any peace treaty, weapons inspections and economic assistance, after emerging as a surprise beneficiary of the summit between the U.S. and North Korean leaders.”

Australia worries about China in theSouth Pacific
Vanuatu denies Chinese wharf poses threat to Australia / NYT (paywall)
“In a sign of the growing divide over China’s role, Vanuatu’s leaders are pushing back — sharing for the first time the contract this country signed with China for the wharf, and arguing they are perfectly capable of paying back the loans and making decisions on their own about when to work with China.”
Australia cements Solomon Islands deal amid China influence debate / BBC
“Australia has formally agreed to a deal to help build a 4,000km (2,500 mile) internet cable to the Solomon Islands. The Solomon Islands, a small Pacific nation, had originally given the contract to Chinese company Huawei.”

Belt and Road
Laos 'not concerned' about debt from China's Belt and Road / Nikkei Asian Review
“Laotian and Chinese companies ‘will share the burdens,’ Prime Minister Thongloun Sisoulith told the Future of Asia conference in Tokyo. ‘And on the part of the Lao government, we will have one-fifth of the budget for the construction.’”
Thailand plans regional alternative to Belt and Road / Asian Correspondent
“Bangkok hopes to launch the fund ‘as soon as possible,’ which would help fund infrastructure and development projects in Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Burma (Myanmar) and Vietnam.”

Tensions with Vietnam 
Anti-China protests in Vietnam set to aggravate tensions with Beijing / SCMP
“Vietnam’s worst flare-up of anti-Chinese sentiment in years could strain already troubled relations with the country’s powerful neighbor, as the government tries to keep a lid on nationwide protests.”

Trade war twists
U.S. President Donald Trump could hit China with trade tariffs as early as Friday, sources say / Politico via SCMP
“The aggressive stance calls into question the future of talks between the two trade powers, which took a friendly turn in the weeks leading up to the North Korea summit as the U.S. sought China’s help.”
U.S. pushing China on beef, biotech in trade row talks, official reveals / Reuters via SCMP
“U.S. officials have pressed China on issues related to poultry, beef and biotechnology in recent trade talks, a U.S. Department of Agriculture under secretary said on Tuesday, highlighting some of Washington’s priorities in the negotiations.”

Big brother in your dashboard 
A chip in the windshield: China's surveillance state will soon track cars/ WSJ (paywall)
“China is establishing a nationwide program to track cars using an electronic identification system, according to records and people briefed on the matter, adding to a growing array of its surveillance tools used to monitor its citizens.”

Coral reefs lose out to Beijing in South China Sea
Malacañang: No to 'costly' suit vs. China over damaged reefs / Rappler
Manila has “thumbed down calls to sue China over destroyed coral reefs in Scarborough (Panatag) Shoal, as taking legal action would be costly and would ‘reverse the diplomatic gains’ of the Philippines.”BRICs vs. the G7
BRICs inventor says G-7 'irrelevant' because China and India are left out / Bloomberg
The man who coined the term “BRICs” in 2001, claims the G-7 “can’t be taken seriously when it excludes China, whose economy is set to overtake the euro zone this year, and India, whose gross domestic product already eclipses Italy’s.”


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