August 04, 2018

Dynamics of J&K: Lecture by Dr.Ashok Behuria to future strategic leaders of Indian Armed Forces

Dr Ashok Behuria, Senior Fellow at IDSA spoke on Dynamics of J&K to future strategic leaders of Indian Armed Forces attending Higher Defence Management Course at College of Defence Management, Secunderabad.

Dr Behuria spoke on the topic with authority based on extensive research on the subject. He enriched his talk with anecdotes to bring out the complexity of the issue. He spoke about the new generation of militants, complicacies due to external influences and vested interests of various agencies.

He pointed at the dominant role of the Pak Army and ISI in Pakistan's approach to Kashmir and Indo-Pak relations.

Dr. Ashok Behuria is a Fellow and Coordinator of the South Asia Centre at IDSA. He is a Ph.D in International Relations from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. He is a recipient of the  prestigious K Subrahmanyam Award for excellence in strategic studies for his work on Pakistan in 2009.

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